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Micromax Televisions

Buy Micromax Televisions Online at Snapdeal
Bring home a Micromax LED and enhance the fun of watching your favourite movies and TV shows. The enthralling picture quality and super sound clarity will make you wonder why you didn't buy a Micromax smart TV sooner. Snapdeal stocks a range of LEDs that have awesome specifications and stunning designs. To add glamour to your home, pick a Micromax LED that has an eye-catching finish and loaded with features. So, browse on and choose the one which suits you the best.

Ultra-Cool Features
Experience life-like picture quality and brilliant audio clarity with Micromax LEDs, which are packed with endless features. From in-built Bluetooth and Wi-Fi facilities to the latest Android operating system, these awesome TVs have it all. The captivating display quality will let you watch your favourite movies and shows from any angle. HDMI and USB ports will make sure you can conveniently connect pen drives, hard disks, smartphones, and cameras to the TV. An energy-saving mode, which is offered in most Micromax TVs, helps you cut down on your electricity bills and help the environment at the same time. Many Micromax LED TVs also possess a voice command feature, which lets you give the TV a spoken command to surf the net or play movies, videos, and more. Another great spec which many Mircomax TVs offer is the air mouse. All you have to do is hold the TV remote in front of the screen and point to the item you want to select and it'll be done in a snap!

Designs that Shine
Make your living room look picture-perfect by putting a stylish Micromax TV in it. From thick frames to thin and seamless ones, Snapdeal brings to you a range of designs. Along with the visually-enthralling Micromax TV, you will get pre-packaged accessories, including a remote control, a wall-mount support, a quick installation guide, a user's manual, and batteries for the remote. To top it off, Micromax gives a 1 year warranty for the TV. Buy a Mircomax TV online on Snapdeal and immerse yourself in a truly joyful viewing experience.

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Micromax Televisions

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