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Moser Baer India, the second largest manufacturers of optical media in the world, is a preferred OEM for all 12 of the world's optical media manufacturers and commands a 16% development, manufacture and supply of optical media across the globe. With a strong R&D thrust, the company has been able to lead the technology curve in the optical media business. In the process, it is among the very few Indian companies to have contributed to the establishment of new global technology standards. As a result of this single-minded drive and commitment, Moser Baer became the first storage media company in the world to ship HD DVDs. The company manufactures the entire spectrum of optical storage media products including Recordable Compact Discs (CD-R), Rewritable Compact Discs (CD-RW), Recordable Digital Versatile Discs (DVD-R), Rewritable Digital Versatile Discs (DVD-RW) and blue laser discs (HD-DVD and Blu-ray).

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