Sony Digital SLR Cameras

We are surrounded by gadgets these days and each of them caters to one or the other needs that we may encounter. We have devices to communicate with each other in different forms, we have gadgets for entertainment and similarly we have cameras to click images and store them for future. The art of photography has evolved greatly in the last century and now we have a wide variety of cameras to buy. Digitalization of photography has led to invention of Digital SLRs and there are many brands manufacturing them. Sony is one such prominent name when it comes to cameras and it designs all kinds of them for varied needs. Its SLR series is very popular among customers and it offers feature packed camera at a budget price. Sony Digital SLRs are also available now and they come in SLT and NEX5K series. First, they feature the anti-dust technology which is revolutionary in its own way as it keeps the CMOS sensor clean. Next, they offer in-camera image stabilization which has become a pretty common characteristic of high end cameras. The SLT series comes with a 16.1MP CMOS sensor which can click super fine images without tweaking the settings at all. The live view on the LCD makes it possible to shoot images or videos without looking into the pathfinder. The NEX5K camera series under Sony Digital SLRs offers the lightest cameras with interchangeable lens. These cameras also offer advanced face detection technology which can detect up to 8 faces at a time. These cameras are certainly the solution to flawless photography.

Sony DSLRs

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