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Sony External Hard Drives

Sony External Hard Drives are among the myriad options available in the market and they offer exhaustive solution to data transfer needs. Catering to 500 GB to 1 TB data needs, these drives are very competitively priced which is why they are easily favoured by customers. They are USB powered so one does not need to carry a power adaptor to power the drive. The hassle of connecting the drive for data transfer is reduced to just one cable. Preloaded backup manager software is a much coveted feature of the Sony External Hard Drives. They also offer password protected transfer which ensure data security at all times. Powered with USB 3.0, huge data transfers are a breeze with these hard drives. They are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux alike so one does not need to make any configuration changes to the drive. Designed with keeping safety in mind, Sony External Hard Drives are a favourable choice when it comes to data storage and transfer needs.

Sony External Hard Disks

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