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We all like to take a little break from our mundane daily schedule and invest our time in entertaining activities. There are various ways by which one can choose to have fun and video games are one of them. Sony has emerged as a leader of such games by introducing a series of gaming consoles which are known as the Sony Playstation. Originally launched in 1994, this series is in the fifth generation and in all these years it has become the most popular gaming product around the world. It all started with the first edition of the playstation but it was the Sony PS2 which brought these Sony gaming consoles to the limelight. The Sony PS2 was greeted with a wide variety of games like Tekken, Football, Silent Hill and many others which helped it become a worldwide phenomenon. In the meanwhile, the Sony PSP was also launched which is the Playstation Portable. This small device can play a range of high definition video games and its small size added hugely to its popularity. Sony PS Vita is the next generation hand held gaming device and it is a successor to the PSP. It has also garnered attention around the world due to its fast booting time and enhanced graphics. Among the variety of Sony gaming consoles, Sony Ps3 has become the most popular of them all. Laced with wireless dual shock controllers and huge internal memory, this console fights with other big names like Wii from Nintendo and Xbox from Microsoft. Sony Ps3 comes in different variants and colors. The most popular of them all is the one with 500 GB hard drive and the real reason behind it being famous is its size. It is slimmer and light weight than its predecessors other than being easy to carry. Check out newly launched console Sony PlayStation 4.

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