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Videocon Airconditioners


Buy Videocon Airconditioners Online at Snapdeal

Bring home a power-packed Videocon air conditioner and beat the heat this summer. Having been around for more than 3 decades, Videocon is a company which has been innovating and producing a diversified range of consumer electronics in India. One of the best selling products from the house of Videocon are it's amazing air conditioners. These ACs are superbly designed with amazing specifications and elegant looks. So, whether it's your living room that needs a pump of chilly air or your office, the range offered by Snapdeal will undoubtedly fulfill your needs.

Exquisite Features

All the air conditioners stocked up by Snapdeal have ultra-savvy features which will cool you down in a snap! Videocon's split air conditioners are equipped with features such as a multi-point cooling system for quick cooling and minimal power consumption. A number of filters can also be found in most of split ACs including a cold catalytic filter, a Vitamin C filter, an anti-bacterial filter, and a silver-ion filter. These filters make sure that the air coming in to your room stays clean and fresh. The turbo cool mode lets you set the air flow of the AC according to your comfort. Auto-clean functions are also available in most of the split air conditioners by Videocon. This awesome function prevents the growth of harmful micro-organisms in the AC unit, thereby helping you breath fresh and healthy air. The understated window air conditioners present online on Snapdeal are also stuffed with incredible features like auto air swing and 4 way air deflection for precise air flow control. Other specs like sleep mode and night glow on the remote makes it easy to operate the AC during the night or low light.

Fabulous Designs

To amp up your home in a subtle way, ACs in plain white or off-white designs will do so effortlessly. But, in case you want to jazz it up, ACs with prints and textures are a good option for you as well. In order to cut down on your electricity bills and contribute towards a better environment, opt for air conditioners with 3 or more star ratings as mentioned in its features. All the air conditioners by Videocon come with 1 year's warranty for the body and 4 years warranty on the compressor. Buy Videocon air conditioners on Snapdeal and enjoy the summers in a comfy, relaxing environment.

Videocon Air Conditioners

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