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Before you rush out to buy a refrigerator from a store, you ought to first become a well-informed purchaser, do your homework and research more about the appliance that you plan to purchase. You should not rely on the salesman to tell you which model or type of refrigerator you should buy. It is always recommended that you should know exactly what you want prior to stepping inside a store. The different types of refrigerators can be categorised further into two groups. The initial one is though the refrigerator's body design and the other is its function. When it comes to design of the refrigerator's body, there are several general classifications - the French door, built-in refrigerators, small refrigerators, under-counter refrigerators and stainless steel refrigerators.

Different Types of Refrigerators to Buy

Built-in refrigerators are designed to mingle with the kitchen flawlessly, giving a sleek look to your house. They are built-in to the cupboard area. If you want to give your kitchen an attractive, unique look, go for built-in refrigerators. According to body design the other type of refrigerator is the side by side fridge. This one has two doors which open up the fridge sideways. This adds the for extra storage room and a complete range of other conveniences.

A stainless steel refrigerator will go well with your counter tops, leaving added space in your kitchen to move about. These refrigerators are taller than the standard model. It is among the most well-liked models among the masses because it boasts of having different refrigerator and freezer components and also being energy efficient. The stainless steel refrigerator is also termed as "green" model. It is especially designed with the idea of conservation of energy in mind. This exclusive unit is designed for large families; providing more room to the cooler division than that of the freezer.

Single door refrigerators continue to be preferred by many households. These refrigerators are the conventional style of domestic refrigerators and come with one main door, including an upper portion serving as the freezer section, a middle portion, and a bottom segment that is generally used to store up groceries, Videocon marvel refrigerators are the best example of single door refrigerators. Double door refrigerators came to the Indian market not too long ago. The last type of refrigerator according to design of the body is the French door refrigerator. French door refrigerator is better known as the combination of the bottom freezer and the side by side types. Just like the bottom freezer, the French door refrigerators also have two sections - the upper and the lower sections. The upper compartment is for all the chilled food products while the lower compartment is for the storage of frozen food products. And when compared to a side by side refrigerator, it is also have two doors on the upper section for an easier and quicker access to all the food products.

When it comes to function, the two other types of refrigerators are the frost-free fridge and the direct cool fridge. You can say that the previous version is the conventional refrigerator that made use of ice to keep food products frozen. The latter is the more of the advanced type that keeps frosts at least amount while preserving frozen food products.

Buy all these and more from the Snapdeal's Videocon store and enjoy shopping!

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