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Founded in 1970, Western Digital (WD) is a data Storage pioneer and longtime in the hard drive industry. WD provides cost effective storage solutions for people and organizations that collect, manage and use digital information.WD hard drives and solid-state drives are found in destop and notebook computers,corporate networks, and home entertainment system, as well as sophisticated medical, militaray/aerospace and telecommunications systems. They are olso used as personal storage for backup and portable applications. Customers rely on WD drives to keep data accessible and secure from loss. WD is responding to changing market needs by delivering sn ever-broadening range energy usage, increase performance and improve ease od use, with the same quality, reliability and on-time delivery that have made WD successful in the trading computing markets. The company also is steeping outside those traditional markets with neew products such as media players that enable consumers to manage and enjoy a wealth of digital content

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