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The Company Of Women (Audiobook) - Audio Books |
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  • The Company Of Women (Audiobook)
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  • The Company Of Women (Audiobook)

The Company Of Women (Audiobook)

by Khushwant Singh
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Product Summary of The Company Of Women (Audiobook)

  • Language: English
  • Author: Khushwant Singh, Rashid Raza
  • Publisher: Think Ink Media Inc
  • Publishing Date:2011
  • ISBN13: 9789381264058
  • ISBN10: 9381264058
  • Binding: Audiobook
  • Category: Literature and Fiction
  • SUPC: 1098155

The Company Of Women (Audiobook)

Customers will receive a link through email containing User Id/Login and Password/Pin within 24 Hrs of purchase. This User Id and Password may be used to download audiobook in MP3 format and continue with the audiobook following the instructions mentioned in the email.

Recently eparated from hi nagging and&nb p;ill - tempered wife of thirteen year , millionaire bu ine man Mohan Kumar decide to reinvent hi life. Convinced that lu t i the true foundation of love, he embark on an audaciou plan : he will adverti e for paid lady companion to hare hi bed and hi life. Thu begin hi journey of ea y, unbridled exuality in the company of ome remarkable women. There i Sarojini Bharadwaj, the demure profe or from mall town Haryana who urpri e Mohan with her ardour and exual energy; Molly Gome , the free pirited ma eu e from Goa, mi tre of the en ual impul e; and Su anthika Goonatilleke, the diminutive eductre from Sri Lanka. After each affair end and before the next begin , Mohan find olace in the practiced charm of hi obliging maid, Dhanno and in the memorie of hi fir t lover : the American Je ica Browne, to whom he lo t hi virginity, and the Paki tani Ya meen Wanchoo, who brought him the heady pa ion of an older woman. In between all thi , he ha twinge of con cience that try to awaken him to a en e of re pon ibility, to take a look at where he i going. He al o ha the occa ional need to find piritual olace by vi iting Haridwar, and eeing the Ganga Aarti. The ight of the holy river comfort him, but he till keep returning to hi preferred mode of life. The Company of Women deal with love, l t and pa ion, and ob e ive indulgence. Mohan Kumar, de pite hi fault , ha ome redeeming moment , like the affection and re pect he how for hi father, and the occa ional piritual journey he ha . However, none of the e help him rein in hi lu t. &nb p; In The Company Of Women, Khu hwant Singh, India mo t widely read author, ha produced an uninhibited, erotic and endle ly entertaining celebration of love, ex and pa ion.

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The Company Of Women (Audiobook)
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