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  • B06-Csat Guide English. (Paper-1)
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  • B06-Csat Guide English. (Paper-1)

B06-Csat Guide English. (Paper-1)

Sachchidanand Jha
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Product Summary of B06-Csat Guide English. (Paper-1)

  • Language: English
  • Author: Sachchidanand Jha
  • Publisher: Kalinjar Publication
  • ISBN13: 9789381362389
  • ISBN10: 9381362386
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Category: Competitive Exams
  • SUPC: 1645821

B06-Csat Guide English. (Paper-1)

Table Of Contents


Chapter:– 1 Indian Constitution: At A Glance

Chapter:– 2 Sources Of Indian Constitution

Chapter:– 3 Framing Of The Constitution Of India

Chapter:– 4 Preamble

Chapter:– 5 The Union And Its Territory

Chapter:– 6 Citizenship

Chapter:– 7 Fundamental Rights

Chapter:– 8 Directive Principles Of State Policy

Chapter:– 9 Union Executive

Chapter:– 10 Parliament

Chapter:– 11 Judiciary

Chapter:– 12 State Executive

Chapter:– 13 Local Government

Chapter:– 14 Public Service Commission

Chapter:– 15 Electoral System

Chapter:– 16 Center State Relation

Chapter:– 17 Emergency Provisions

Chapter:– 18 Amendment Of Constitution

Chapter:– 19 Seventh Schedule (Article 246)

Chapter:– 20 Administrative Tribunals

Chapter:– 21 Planning

Chapter:– 22 National Commissions

Chapter:– 23 Dictionary Of Polity

Practice Questions,

Indian Geography

Chapter:– 1 Physiography

Chapter:– 2 Population 2011 India At A Glance

Chapter:– 3 Physical Features Of India

Chapter:– 4 River Systems Of India

Chapter:– 5 Climate Of India 45

Chapter:– 6 Soils

Chapter:– 7 Natural Vegetation

Chapter:– 8 Agriculture In India

Chapter:– 9 Irrigation In India

Chapter:– 10 Minerals In India

Chapter:– 11 Industries In India

Chapter:– 12 Sources Of Energy In India

Chapter:– 13 Transport System

Part II

Chapter:– 1 Space1

Chapter:– 2 Lithosphere

Chapter:– 3 Atmosphere

Chapter:– 4 Fisheries

Chapter:– 5 Hydrosphere

Chapter:– 6 Biosphere

Chapter:– 7 Forest

Chapter:– 8 Types Of Soil

Chapter:– 9 World Agriculture

Chapter:– 10 Energy

Chapter:– 11 Minerals

Chapter:– 12 World Tribal Groups

Chapter:– 13 Some Important Facts

Multiple Choice Questions


Chapter:– 1 Pre-Historic India And The Harappan Culture

Chapter:– 2 The Vedic Culture

Chapter:– 3 Religious Movements

Chapter:– 4 The Rise Of The Magadha

Chapter:– 5 The Mauryan Empire

Chapter:– 6 Post-Mauryan

Chapter:– 7 Gupta Empire

Chapter:– 8 Post-Gupta Period

Chapter:– 9 India During 300 – 700 A.D.

Chapter:– 10 Early Medieval India

Chapter:– 11 Delhi Sultanate

Chapter:– 12 Vijayanagar & Bahamani Empire

Chapter:– 13 Administration & Economy (1200 – 1526)

Chapter:– 14 Society, Culture & Religion (1200 – 1526)

Chapter:– 15 Regional Centres Of Power

Chapter:– 16 Mughal Empire

Chapter:– 17 Mughal Administration & Economy

Chapter:– 18 Mughal Society, Culature & Religion

Chapter:– 19 The Maratha Age

General Science


Chapter:– 1 Units & Measurements

Chapter:– 2 Atomic Physics

Chapter:– 3 Heat

Chapter:– 4 Light

Chapter:– 5 Magnetism & Electricity

Chapter:– 6 Mechanics

Chapter:– 7 Matters

Chapter:– 8 Sound

Chapter:– 9 Waves

Chapter:– 10 Work, Power & Energy


Chapter:– 1 Acid

Chapter:– 2 Atomic Structure

Chapter:– 3 Chemical Bonding

Chapter:– 4 Chemical Reactions & Equations

Chapter:– 5 Matter

Chapter:– 6 Organic Chemistry

Chapter:– 7 Classification Of Elements

Chapter:– 8 Properties Of Gases

Chapter:– 9 Common Elements And Compounds


Chapter:– 1 Cell

Chapter:– 2 Tissue

Chapter:– 3 Muscular And Skeletal System

Chapter:– 4 The Nervous System

Chapter:– 5 The Endocrine System

Chapter:– 6 Lymphatic System And Immunity

Chapter:– 7 The Respiratory System

Chapter:– 8 The Circulatory System

Chapter:– 9 The Integumentary System Chapter:– 10 (A) The Reproductive System

Chapter:– 10 (B) Plant Reproduction

Chapter:– 11 The Digestive System

Chapter:– 12 The Excretory System

Chapter:– 13 Photosynthesis

Chapter:– 14 Diversity In Living Organisms

Chapter:– 15 The Animal Kingdom

Multiple Choice Questions


Chapter:– 1 Studying Environment

Chapter:– 2 Natural Resources

Chapter:– 3 Eco-Systems

Chapter:– 4 Biodiversity And Its Conservation

Chapter:– 5 Pollution

Chapter:– 6 Environment & Human Health

Chapter:– 7 Disasters & Their Management

Chapter:– 8 Population & Environment

Chapter:– 9 Global Environmental Problem

Chapter:– 10 Development & Environmental Concerns

Chapter:– 11 Some Important Facts To Digest

Chapter:– 12 Some Important Points For P.T.


Chapter:– 1 Sustainable Development

Chapter:– 2 Poverty

Chapter:– 3 Inclusion

Chapter:– 4 Demographics

Agriculture & Industry

Chapter:– 6 Social Sector Initiative

Multiplie Choice Questions


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B06-Csat Guide English. (Paper-1)
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