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  • Bausch & Lomb Green Amazon Color Lens (3 monthly)
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Bausch & Lomb

Bausch & Lomb Green Amazon Color Lens (3 monthly)

Suitable for both light and dark coloured eyes
Complete Kit: Travel Pouch + Soaking Kit + 60ml Solution
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  • Monthly replacement contact lenses
  • Does not effect the colour or view
  • Product Code: Lens029
  • Type: Contact Lens
  • Quantity: 2 lenses
  • Brand: Bausch & Lomb
  • Completely comfortable and safe
  • Material : Polymacon
  • Water Content: 38.6%
  • Colour: Green Amazon
  • Suitable for both light and dark coloured eyes
  • For any queries or customized orders, please email at
  • SUPC: 1379802
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Bausch & Lomb Green Amazon Color Lens (3 monthly)

Bausch & Lomb Soflens Natural Colours are monthly replacement contact lenses available in many colours. Softens Natural Colours are suitable for both light and dark coloured eyes. We can assure you that neither these lenses will change what you see in any way nor will your viewing be coloured or tinted. To you, everything will be same after wearing the contacts but it is only the colour that other people see will be different.

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All about Contact Lenses

Style, comfort, or just a fad – people have different reasons to choose contact lenses over eyeglasses. If you also plan to switch to contact lenses, go through this buying guide and acquaint yourself with the basic information about contact lenses.

What are contact lenses?

A contact lens is a thin lens that is placed directly on the surface of the eye to correct or enhance vision, or even for cosmetic reasons.

What do contact lenses do?

Contact lenses are primarily used to correct optical ailments like hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. They are placed directly on the surface of the eye and thus are naturally closer than eyeglasses. Contact lenses provide better peripheral vision by correcting refractive inaccuracy and lets wearers enjoy a better, natural field of vision.

Why Choose Contact Lenses?

  • Comfort: In comparison to spectacles, contact lenses are more comfortable to wear and carry.

  • Freedom: Contact lenses provide better peripheral vision and do not collect moisture such as rain, snow, condensation, or sweat. Also, they ensure complete freedom in movement and are ideal for sports and other outdoor activities.

  • Enjoy Wearing Sunglasses: Thanks to contact lenses, you can enjoy wearing sunglasses and other eyewear of your choice without facing any hassle.

  • Natural Field of Vision: The contact lenses provide a natural field of vision as they are worn directly over the cornea.

Types of Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses

Soft contact lenses are the most widely used contact lenses around the world. They fit in to the shape of your eye; stays in place and ensures utmost comfort. These lenses are simply perfect for individuals leading an active lifestyle.

  • Daily wear

This type of soft lens is the least expensive but needs daily cleaning and lens solution. These lenses can be worn in daytime and need to be removed for the night. Also, you have to clean and disinfect them with every wear. The total lifespan of a pair of lenses vary from one brand to another.

  • Extended wear

As the name suggests, you can extend wearing these lenses while sleeping too. A good aspect about extended wear lenses is they need to be removed once in a week for cleaning. It is noteworthy that users should be a little cautious while wearing these lenses as wearing lenses for a comparatively longer duration might cause infection.

  • Disposable

If you wear contacts rarely then disposable soft contact lenses make the perfect choice. They are quite expensive but healthiest of all the types. Disposable lenses have a limited lifespan and should be discarded after the instructed timeframe.

Hard contact lenses

Hard contact lenses, also known as rigid or gas permeable lenses prove to be a good alternative for soft lenses. They are more comfortable, breathable, and come with minimal risk of eye infections as oxygen permeability levels are higher. With these lenses, you have to perform the cleaning & disinfecting procedure almost every night.

Initially, it might take a week’s time to get comfortable wearing hard contact lenses. But, once you get used to them, the same pair of lenses can be used for up to two to three years (if the prescription remains the same).

Hard contact lenses are available in both extended wear and daily wear.

Specialised contact lenses

You can also consider buying specialised contact lenses, which come in the following types:


Hybrid contact lenses, having gas-permeable centre with a softer boundary ring, are suitable for individuals with irregular corneal curvature. These lenses combine the features of both hard and soft lenses thereby ensuring maximum comfort and natural field of vision.

Bifocal or multifocal

Available in both soft and hard varieties, bifocal or multifocal lenses are a good option for individuals suffering from farsightedness or astigmatism along with age-related presbyopia.


Apart from cosmetic or therapeutic purposes, tinted lenses can also be used for compensating colour blindness. Coloured lenses, a type of tinted lenses, change the eye colour of the wearer for as long as the lens is being worn. Another type of tinted lens is the one that comes with visibility tint.

Getting the right fit

Before you order any type of contact lenses, it is advisable to consult an ophthalmologist or eye care specialist for a through eye check-up. The eye specialist can also advise on fitting and type of lens to be worn.


Understanding Lens Disposability & Boxes






Box Will Last

Monthly Disposable

6 Lens/Box

One box will have 6 individually seal-packed lenses of same power. Each lens can be used for 1 month from date of opening the seal of that lens.

1 month for 1 lens

6 months continuous supply for 1 eye

Monthly Disposable

3 Lens/Box

One box will have 3 individually seal-packed lenses of same power. Each lens can be used for 1 month from date of opening the seal of that lens.

1 month for 1 lens

3 months continuous supply for 1 eye

Monthly Disposable

2 Lens/Box

One box will have 2 individually seal-packed lenses of same power. Each lens can be used for 1 month from date of opening the seal of that lens.

1 month for 1 lens

2 months continuous supply for 1 eye

2 Week Disposable

6 Lens/Box

One box will have 6 individually seal-packed lenses of same power. Each lens can be used for 2 weeks from date of opening the seal of that lens.

2 weeks for 1 lens

3 months continuous supply for 1 eye

2 Week Disposable

12 Lens/Box

One box will have 12 individually seal-packed lenses of same power. Each lens can be used for 2 weeks from date of opening the seal of that lens.

2 weeks for 1 lens

6 months continuous supply for 1 eye

Yearly Disposable

1 Lens/Box

One box will have 1 seal-packed lens of one power. 1 lens can be used for 1 year from date of opening the seal of that lens.

1 year for 1 lens

1 year continuous supply for 1 eye


(needs lot of care to be used for 1 year else will wear out in 6 months)

Daily Disposable

10 Lens/Box

One box will have 10 individually seal-packed lenses of same power. Each lens can be used for 24 hours from date of opening the seal of that lens.

24 hours for 1 lens

10 day supply for 1 eye

Daily Disposable

30 Lens/Box

One box will have 30 individually seal-packed lenses of same power. Each lens can be used for 24 hours from date of opening the seal of that lens.

24 hours for 1 lens

30 day supply for 1 eye


Avoiding Eye Infections

Contact lenses of almost all type increase the risk of corneal infection as the amount of oxygen reaching the cornea is less. You can however avoid the infections greatly by following the below mentioned precautionary steps:

  • Practice Good Hygiene – Before inserting or removing your lenses, always wash, rinse and dry your hands properly.

  • Remove lenses before going to sleep – If possible, try to remove lenses (even extended ones) before going to sleep. This is advised as lenses worn overnight increase the chances of eye infection.

  • Minimum contact with water - Always remove your contact lenses before bathing, swimming or getting into a hot tub.

  • Clean & Disinfect using contact lens solutions – To clean and disinfect lenses, you should use only commercially prepared, sterile products. Never commit the mistake of using water or homemade saline solution for cleaning contacts.

  • Rub and rinse your lenses – Even if you choose no-rub solution, you can always rub your lenses gently while cleaning them.

  • Keep note of expiration date - Don't use expired contact solution.

  • Follow Manufacturer Guidelines – You should always follow manufacturer’s guidelines for using, cleaning, and replacing your contact lenses.



How do contact lenses remain in place?

The pressure exerted from the eyelids holds the contact lenses on to the cornea. The lenses have a constant cushion of tears which keep them moist and help them in shifting slightly whenever you blink.

What is the right age to start wearing them?

Usually, 13 is the right age at which you can start wearing lenses.

How long does it take to get used to them?

The time taken to get used to contacts entirely depend on your eye sensitivity and type of lenses. For instance, soft contacts take just a day or two while rigid ones may take up to two weeks.

Are contact lenses difficult to care for?

Not really. If you follow the procedure carefully, you will get used to it very easily. And if you are using disposables and extended wear lenses then you don’t need to worry about cleaning at all.

Can contacts cause damage to eyes?

With advanced, high-quality lenses available in the market, you don’t really have to worry about any damage. Still, it is advised to consult an eye specialist before you start wearing contact lenses. Also, always follow the proper guidelines while inserting and removing contacts so as to avoid corneal infections.

Which is the best type of contact lens?

Any lens that suits you will be the best for you. To know more about which type of lens would suit you best, consult an eye specialist.

Consult your eye care practitioner for an advice on which lens type will suit you best.

Can I share my lenses?

No! You should never share your lens with anyone.

Can I use contacts if I have astigmatism?

Yes, you can. Individuals suffering from astigmatism can use a special type of lenses called Toric lenses to correct their vision.

Can I sleep in my contacts?

If you are using a normal lens then you should not wear it while sleeping. However, contacts for extended wear can be worn in bed.

Can Contacts fall off my eye?

No. If you put contacts properly, they will stay in their position.

Can they stay glued to my eye?

It can happen rarely. When the lens dries out, the lens might stay glued to your eyes. If you come across such a situation, simply rinse your eye with the sterile lens solution several times.

Do I need prescription for contact lenses?

Yes, you do because it is a medical device.

Can I wear them while playing sports?

Yes, you can wear them without any hesitation. In fact, they have been introduced to let wearers enjoy freedom in movement.

 How are daily disposable lenses different from replacement lenses?

Daily disposables, as the name suggests, are used for a day and discarded. They do not require any lens solution.

On the contrary, replacement lenses are used anywhere from a week up to a month. They require cleaning and disinfection every day you wear them.

What are extended lenses?

Extended lenses are the ones that can be worn through the night while you sleep.

What is the difference between bifocal and multi-focal contact lenses?

Bifocal are made for two zones of vision, near-far, in the same lens. On the contrary, multifocal lenses have more than two zones (near-far-in between) in each lens.


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