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IIT JEE New Pattern Challenger CHEMISTRY (JEE Mains + JEE Advance) that you are looking for is currently unavailable. However you can browse through the following products
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IIT JEE New Pattern Challenger CHEMISTRY (JEE Mains + JEE Advance)

Your Guide to Excellence
  • IIT JEE New Pattern Challenger CHEMISTRY (JEE Mains + JEE Advance)
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  • ISBN: 9789381250198
  • Author: Dr. O. P. Agarwal Dr. J. B. Yadav
  • Pages: 832
  • Publisher: Disha Publication
  • SUPC: 1073052
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IIT JEE New Pattern Challenger CHEMISTRY (JEE Mains + JEE Advance) presents a comprehensive and up-to-date collection of competitive exam books. These books not only provide you with extensive questions and answers but also offer the best techniques, tricks and short-cuts, which would provide you with the abilities to crack your exam!!!!...Make your career exam come true with oor competetive exam books collection.
Disha's BESTSELLER IIT-JEE Challenger CHEMISTRY book, which is based on the new pattern of IIT-JEE, is a must for the NEW JEE Mains + JEE Advance Exams. Each book contains chapter-wise collection of:Comprehension/Passage based QuestionsMCQ�s (one correct/more than one correct)Assertion-Reason based questions to improve your Comprehension and Analytical skills.Integer Answer Questions. It is the only book with special focus on the NEW PATTERN OF JEE.The books have been aligned as per NCERT books, which makes it very easy to prepare for JEE for Class XII students. The book has been divided into 31 chapters and contains 3000+ Challenging Problems for JEE.Caution: Do not buy these books if you are looking for routine problems for JEE.
Table of Contents
1. Some basic concepts of chemistry (mole-concept & stoichiometry)

2. Structure of atom

3. Nuclear chemistry

4. Classification of elements & periodicity in properties

5. Chemical bonding and molecular structure

6. States of matter (gaseous state)

7. Thermodynamics

8. Equilibrium-1 (chemical equilibrium)

9. Equilibrium-2 (ionic equilibrium)

10. Redox reactions & volumetric analysis

11. Hydrogen & s-block elements

12. Organic chemistry - some basic principles - 1

13. Organic chemistry - some basic principles - 2 (stereochemistry)

14. Organic chemistry - some techniques (practical organic chemistry)

15. Hydrocarbons

16. The solid state

17. Solutions

18. Electrochemistry

19. Chemical kinetics

20. Surface chemistry

21. General principles and processes of isolation of elements

22. The p-block elements

23. The d- and f- block elements

24. Co-ordination compounds

25. Haloalkanes and haloarenes

26. Alcohols, phenols and ethers

27. Aldehydes & ketones

28. Carboxylic acid & its derivatives

29. Nitrogen containing compounds (amines)

30. Niomolecules (carbohydrates & aminoacids)

31. Analytical chemistry


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