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MapmyIndia - Mobile Navigation Maps - Buy Online @
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MapmyIndia - Mobile Navigation Maps

6-month warranty
  • MapmyIndia - Mobile Navigation Maps
The images represent actual product
though color of the image and product may slightly differ.
  • Professional Guidance
  • Easy Installation
  • Available For Android PlatForm
  • Map Coverage
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Make Phone Calls
  • No Hidden Fees
  • SUPC: 1338445
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MapmyIndia - Mobile Navigation Maps

With MapmyIndia’s Mobile Navigation, you can now upgrade your mobile phone with India's best maps. Some of the prime features of this MapmyIndia Sygic mobile navigation software include:

Professional Guidance

MapmyIndia Sygic mobile maps have easy to read information, so that you don’t face any difficulty reading even while you drive and have clear voice instructions. With a user-friendly interface, mobile navigation is fun and useful.

Map coverage 

Mobile Navigation boasts of a comprehensive collection of maps for cities across India. You get access to street level directions in 4000 cities across India along with a million POIs (points of interest)

Available for Android platform

MapmyIndia Sygic mobile map supports Android 2.3.

No hidden fees

Once installed, the MapmyIndia Sygic mobile maps are stored in your phone or SD card. Hence there are no GPRS or data connection charges.

Easy installation 

Mobile navigation is very easy to install. You can also use the intuitive assistant on the CD package for any help in installation.

Make phone calls 

Many POIs are displayed with a direct telephone number, giving you the convenience to directly make calls.

When you buy Sygic Mobile Maps, you will be provided a CD containing software, map and a perpetual license, which can be installed on your phone's internal memory or SD card. The application is bound to the IMEI of your hardware/handset or SD card. Once activated for any IMEI or SD card, it can be used only on that particular IMEI or SD card respectively. If you install on your phone's internal memory, you can use the perpetual license for the lifetime of your phone, and not on any other phone. If you install on your SD card, you can use the licence for the lifetime of your SD card. If you lose or change the device (phone or SD card) on which you installed Sygic Mobile Maps, you will have to purchase a new license.

About the brand:

MapmyIndia is known for manufacturing award-winning GPS navigation devices. They boast of providing India's best maps and satellite-based voice guided navigation. In addition, these devices also provide complete in-car entertainment and connectivity features. Thanks to MapmyIndia, travelling is safe and entertaining!




Technical Specifications of MapmyIndia - Mobile Navigation Maps

Brand MapmyIndia
Type Navigation Application
Model Mobile Navigation
Compatibility Android 2.3
Features Professional Guidance,Map Coverage, No Hidden Fees, Easy Installation, Make Phone Calls

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MapmyIndia - Mobile Navigation Maps
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