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  • NDA/ NA Topicwise Solved Papers (2002-2011)
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  • NDA/ NA Topicwise Solved Papers (2002-2011)

NDA/ NA Topicwise Solved Papers (2002-2011)

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Product Summary of NDA/ NA Topicwise Solved Papers (2002-2011)

  • ISBN: 9789381250365
  • Author: Disha Experts
  • Pages: 790
  • Publisher: Disha Publication
  • SUPC: 1073049

NDA/ NA Topicwise Solved Papers (2002-2011) presents a comprehensive and up-to-date collection of competitive exam books. These books not only provide you with extensive questions and answers but also offer the best techniques, tricks and short-cuts, which would provide you with the abilities to crack your exam!!!!...Make your career exam come true with oor competetive exam books collection.
Topic-wise Solved Papers are known as the best preparatory material NDA/ NA Topic-wise Solved Papers consists of last 10 years (both April and August papers from 2002-2011 solved papers of English, Mathematics, Science and General Awareness distributed topic-wise. Just revise one topic and then solve previous year questions on that topic. The strength of the book lies in the originality of its question papers and Errorless Solutions.
Table of Contents
Paper 1 : Mathematics1.Set, Relation, Function and and Number System2.Polynomial, Quadratic Equation & Inequalities3.Sequence and Series4.Complex Numbers5.Binomial Theorem, Mathematical Induction6.Permutation and Combination7.Cartesian Co-ordinate System, Straight Line8.Pair of Straight Lines9.Circles10.Conics - Parbola, Ellipse & Hyperbola11.Trigonometry : Ratio & Identity, Trigonometric Equation12.Properties of Triangle, Inverse Trigonometric Function13.Height & Distances14.Functions, Limits, Continuity and Differentiability15.Derivative16.Application of Derivatives17.Indefinite Integration18.Definite Integration & its applications19.Differential Equation20.Matrices and Determinants21.Probability and Probability Distribution22.Vectors23.3D-Geometry24.Statistics PAPER - II : GENERAL ABILITY TEST PART �A� - ENGLISH1.Synonyms2.Antonyms3.Fill in the Blanks4.Spotting Errors5Sentence Improvement6Selecting Words/Phrases7Ordering of Sentences8Ordering of Words in a Sentence9Comprehension PART �B� - GENERAL KNOWLEDGE UNIT �I� : PHYSICS1Properties of Matter2Mechanics3Heat & Thermodynamics4Wave5Optics6Electricity & Electro Magnetism7Modern Physics UNIT �II� : CHEMISTRY8Basic concepts of Chemistry, Atomic Structure9Carbon and different forms, Carbon dioxide10Chemistry of Non Metals (H2, O2 and N2)11Some important Chemical Compounds12Acids, Bases and Salts, Oxidation and Reduction. UNIT �III� : BIOLOGY13Botany14Zoology UNIT �IV� : HISTORY15Ancient India16Medieval India17Modern India18World History UNIT �V� : GEOGRAPHY19Physical & World Geography20Geography of India UNIT �VI� : INDIAN POLITY21Indian Polity22Indian Economy UNIT �VII� : GENERAL KNOWLEDGE23General Knowledge24Current Affairs Also contains:2008-II Solved Paper2009-I Solved Paper2009-II Solved Paper2010-I Solved Paper2010-II Solved Paper2011-I Solved Paper2011-II Solved Paper

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NDA/ NA Topicwise Solved Papers (2002-2011)
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