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New Pattern Co-ordinate Geometry for IIT-JEE by | Buy Books @ Snapdeal
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New Pattern Co-ordinate Geometry for IIT-JEE

Your Guide to Excellence
  • New Pattern Co-ordinate Geometry for IIT-JEE
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though color of the image and product may slightly differ.
  • ISBN: 9789381250082
  • Author: Dr. A Majeed
  • Pages: 500
  • Publisher: Disha Publication
  • SUPC: 1073113
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New Pattern Co-ordinate Geometry for IIT-JEE presents a comprehensive and up-to-date collection of competitive exam books. These books not only provide you with extensive questions and answers but also offer the best techniques, tricks and short-cuts, which would provide you with the abilities to crack your exam!!!!...Make your career exam come true with oor competetive exam books collection.
The book is written in such a simple and easy to understand language that even an average student will not only understand it fully but will also enjoy its reading. The book contains exhaustive theory, carefully selected illustrative examples & different levels of graded exercises to ensure that student really understands the concepts and their applications. Many problems have been solved in more than one way so that the students can have simplistic view of complex problems and at the same time uplift the problem solving ability of the student. The author has gone into the depth of the subject with utmost clarity in presentation while dealing with the numerous proofs, which are usually avoided in teaching of the subject.
Table of Contents
1.Co-ordinate systems and co-ordinates 1.1Introduction Exercise 1.1 1.2Co-Ordinates Of A Point Which Divides The Straight Line Joining Two Given Points In A Given Ratio Exercise 1.2 1.3The Area Of A Triangle In Terms Of The Co-Ordinates Of Its Angular Points Exercise 1.3 1.4Equation Of Curve And Locus Exercise 1.4 1.5Proof Of Geometric Results By Co-Ordinate Geometry Exercise 1.5 2.Lines 2.1Slope Of A Line 2.2General Equation Of First Degree 2.3Various Forms Of Equation Of Straight Line Exercise 2.1 2.4The Perpendicular Form Of The Equation Of The Line 2.5The Perpendicular Distance Of A Point From A Line Exercise 2.2 2.6Two Sides Of A Line Exercise 2.3 2.7Angular Bisector Exercise 2.4 2.8Parametric Equation Of A Line Exercise 2.5 2.9Family Of Lines Exercise 2.6 2.10Concurrent Lines Exercise 2.7 2.11The Number Of Independent Constants In The Equation Of A Line 2.12 Change Of Frame Of Reference 2.13Pair Of Lines Exercise 2.8 Exercise 2.9 2.14Typical Questions On Pair Of Lines Exercise 2.10 2.15General Equation Of Second Degree Exercise 2.11 2.16Miscellaneous Techniques In Lines Exercise 2.12 2.17Locus Advanced Exercise 2.13 2.18Various Centres Exercise 2.14 2.19Rational Points Exercise 2.15 2.20Oblique Axes Exercise 2.16 Objective Exercise Miscellaneous Exercise 3.Circle 3.1Equation of a Circle Exercise 3.1 3.2The Intersection Of A Line And A Circle Exercise 3.2 3.3Tangent At A Point Exercise 3.3 3.4Chord Of Contact Exercise 3.4 3.5Equations Of Tangents From A Given Point (x1, y1) To A Circle Exercise 3.5 3.6The Common Chord Of Two Circles Exercise 3.6 3.7The Intersection Of Two Circles Exercise 3.7 3.8The Common Tangents Of Two Circles Exercise 3.8 3.9Some Miscellaneous Techniques And Results In Circles Exercise 3.9 Miscellaneous Solved Examples Objective Exercise Miscellaneous Exercise 4.Parabola 4.1Introduction Exercise 4.1 4.2The Standard Equation Of Parabola Exercise 4.2 4.3The Intersection Of A Line And A Parabola Exercise 4.3 4.4The Equation Of Chord Of Contact Exercise 4.4 4.5Geometrical Properties Of A Parabola Exercise 4.5 Miscellaneous Solved Examples Miscellaneous Exercise 5.Ellipse 5.1Introduction Exercise 5.1 5.2Intersection Of A Line And An Ellipse : Exercise 5.2 Miscellaneous Solved Examples Miscellaneous Exercise 6.Hyperbola 6.1Introduction Exercise 6.1 6.2Some Important Results 6.3Conjugate Hyperbola : 6.4Rectangular Hyperbola : Miscellaneous Solved Examples Miscellaneous Exercise Combined Objective Exercise On Conics 7.Additional topics 7.1Oblique Axes Exercise 7.1 7.2Coaxial circles and limiting points Exercise 7.2 7.3Polar and Pole 7.4Diameter 7.5Polar co-ordinates and its results Exercise 7.3 8.General equation of second degree 8.1General Equation of Second Degree Exercise 8.1 8.2General definitions of terms used in Conics Miscellaneous Exercises

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New Pattern Co-ordinate Geometry for IIT-JEE
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