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  • Roland Juno Gi Keyboard   Syntensizer
  • Roland Juno Gi Keyboard   Syntensizer
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Roland Juno Gi Keyboard Syntensizer

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Product Summary of Roland Juno Gi Keyboard Syntensizer

  • Brand: Roland
  • Product Type: Synthesizer
  • File Format Audio File: WAV, AIFF, MP3
  • Standard MIDI File: format-0/1
  • Number of Songs: 99 Songs
  • External Memory USB MEMORY (supports USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Flash Memory: Sold Separately)
  • Rhythm Pattern Pre-set: 371
  • User: 99
  • Song (Digital Recorder): 99
  • Arpeggiator Pre-set: 128
  • Chord Memory Pre-set: 17Controllers Pitch Bend/Modulation Lever
  • D Beam Controller
  • S1/S2 Buttons
  • Sound Modify Knob x 6
  • Display: 240 x 64 dots graphic LCD (with backlit)External Memory SD/SDHC Card
  • Connectors: Output Jacks (L/MONO, R) (1/4 inch phone type)
  • Warranty: 1 yr. warranty on manufacturing defects
  • SUPC: 1661035

Roland Juno Gi Keyboard Syntensizer

New Sound bank

A new sound library has been created for the JUNO-Gi, with over 1,300 factory selections that cover a universe of instrument types and musical styles. Tone Category buttons help you scan the vast library and locate the perfect sound with ease and speed. New to the JUNO-Gi are Live Sets, which comprise up to four layered tones each — create your own unique sounds by stacking and/or splitting tones and saving them together as a Live Set. Furthermore, a Special Live Set section takes maximum advantage of the JUNO-Gi sound engine for the most advanced synth sounds.

Performance and Portability

The JUNO-Gi has been designed with the performer in mind. It provides supreme mobility thanks to its lightweight body and battery-power compatibility (up to three hours of continuous operation with eight NiMH AA batteries), letting you experience the freedom of performance in any environment. Roland’s battery-powered amps such as the BA-330 and KC-110 are perfect companions for the JUNO-Gi during street performances.

Performers will also appreciate the JUNO-Gi’s friendly front panel, which is covered with hands-on controls, clearly marked and easy to reach. The enlarged 240 x 64 graphic LCD provides clear visibility and fast navigation, even on outdoor gigs with troublesome sunglare.

Digital Recording & FX

Pro recording onboard! The JUNO-Gi’s built-in eight-track digital recorder with 64 virtual tracks provides a full-featured multitrack studio environment, complete with dedicated transport controls and mix faders. The recording media is a removable SD or SDHC card, with up to 192 hours of recording time possible when using a single 32GB SDHC card! Also supported is full import and export of track data with a computer. The same pro performance effects found in the BOSS GT-Series are built into the JUNO-Gi, as well as effects designed for vocal processing. Connect a guitar or microphone directly and apply these top-quality effects for instant CD-quality sound as you record.

USB MIDI & Audio

The JUNO-Gi’s multi-purpose USB port offers both audio and MIDI functionality. A simple one-cable connection to your computer is all you need to stream audio and MIDI back and forth with your favorite music software. Utilizing its audio inputs — including a combo connector for guitars, basses, and microphones (including phantom power), plus a stereo line in for mobile music players — you can use the JUNO-Gi as a standalone 24-bit/44.1 kHz USB audio interface. With the internal route switching, JUNO-Gi can send external audio exclusively to your computer.

Bundled with Cakewalk's SONAR LE Software

The JUNO-Gi is shipped with Cakewalk's acclaimed SONAR LE recording software. The powerful combination of Cakewalk software and the JUNO-Gi, featuring USB audio/MIDI connection and MIDI master-keyboard control functionality, puts a professional music-production environment on your desktop.


In the JUNO tradition of great sound, compact design, easy operation, and affordable price, the new JUNO-Gi delivers big. What propels this power-synth into another realm, however, is its supercharged feature set with over 1,300 fresh sounds, an onboard eight-track digital recorder, and pro effects created by BOSS. Write, record, mix, master, and perform anywhere with the new JUNO-Gi.

Over 1,300 high-quality sounds optimized for live performance

Friendly operation with dedicated controls and large display

Lightweight, compact body with battery compatibility

128-voice polyphony

Intuitive user interface, including dedicated Tone Category buttons and large display

Full-featured 8-track digital recorder onboard with Guitar/Mic/Line inputs

Plug in a guitar and play/record with built-in pro guitar effects derived from BOSS’ GT series

High-capacity SDHC card slot for data storage and direct play

Complete mobility when used with a battery-powered PA or amp such as the Roland’s BA-330 or KC-110

Works as a standalone 24-bit/44.1 kHz USB audio interface with your computer

Keyboard 61 keys (with velocity)

Sound Generator Section


Maximum Polyphony 128 voices

Parts Live Set (4 layers) + 16 parts

Wave Memory 128 MB (16-bit linear equivalent)

Preset Memory Live Set: 1,379

Tone: 788 + 256 (GM2)

Rhythm Set: 14 + 9 (GM2)

User Memory Live Set: 256

Favorite: 100

Effects Multi-Effects: 2 systems, 79 types

Chorus: 3 types

Reverb: 5 types

Digital Recorder Section


Tracks Track: 8

V-Track: 64 (8 V-Tracks per each Track)

Up to 2 tracks can be recorded simultaneously, and up to 8 tracks can be played back simultaneously.

Maximum Number of Songs 99Memory Capacity SD memory card: supports SDHC cards to a maximum of 32 GB

Sample Rate 44.1 kHz

Recording Time (conversion in one track) Card Capacity Recording Times

1 GB Approx. 6 hours

2 GB Approx. 12 hours

4 GB Approx. 24 hours

8 GB Approx. 48 hours

16 GB Approx. 96 hours

32 GB Approx. 192 hours

The maximum recording time (storage used) for one song is approximately 12 hours.

The above recording times are approximate.

The above recording times are for when only one track is used.

For example, if you record using all eight tracks, the available time for each track will be one eighth of the time listed.

Since the SD card included with the JUNO-Gi contains a demo song, the available recording time will be shorter than listed above.

With the Track Export function, a maximum of approximately 6 hours and 40 minutes worth of monaural data (approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes worth of stereo data) can be output.

Nominal Input Level LINE INPUT jacks: -10 dBu


GUITAR: -20 dBu

MIC: -40 dBu

Effects Insert Effects: 3 banks (Guitar, Mic, Line)

Mastering Tool Kit


USB Memory Song Player Section


File Format Audio File: WAV, AIFF, MP3

Standard MIDI File: format-0/1

Number of Songs 99 Songs

External Memory USB MEMORY (supports USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Flash Memory: Sold Separately)

Rhythm Pattern Preset: 371

User: 99

Song (Digital Recorder): 99

Arpeggiator Preset: 128

User: 64

Chord Memory Preset: 17Controllers Pitch Bend/Modulation Lever

D Beam Controller

S1/S2 Buttons

Sound Modify Knob x 6

Display 240 x 64 dots graphic LCD (with backlit)External Memory SD/SDHC Card

Connectors OUTPUT Jacks (L/MONO, R) (1/4 inch phone type)

PHONES Jack (stereo 1/4 inch phone type)

SONG/CLICK OUT Jack (stereo 1/4 inch phone type)

LINE INPUT Jacks (L, R) (1/4 inch phone type)


MIC: 1/4 inch phone type or XLR type (phantom power), GUITAR: 1/4 inch phone type (Hi-Z)



MIDI Connectors (IN, OUT)

USB COMPUTER Connectors (USB Hi-Speed Audio/MIDI)

(Use a USB cable and a computer with a USB connector that support USB 2.0 Hi-Speed.)

DC IN Jack

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