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  • Rollei Tele 9x  iPhone Lens
  • Rollei Tele 9x  iPhone Lens
  • Rollei Tele 9x  iPhone Lens
  • Rollei Tele 9x  iPhone Lens
  • Rollei Tele 9x  iPhone Lens
  • Rollei Tele 9x  iPhone Lens
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Rollei Tele 9x iPhone Lens

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Product Summary of Rollei Tele 9x iPhone Lens

  • iPhone 3G Hard Case
  • iPhone 4/4S Hard Case
  • Optical Glass
  • 9x Magnification
  • Aluminium Mini-Tripod
  • Additional Lens Cloth Bag and Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • Manual Focus
  • Telefoto Lens
  • Aluminium Housing
  • SUPC: 1507398

Rollei Tele 9x iPhone Lens



Convert your iPhone into a digital camera with the Rollei Tele 9x iPhone Lens. The lens is compatible with both iPhone 3 Series and iPhone 4 Series, adding to the magnificent in-built camera of these phones to give you unprecedented image optimization without sacrificing any portability whatsoever. The lens is a telephoto lens, allowing you the same level of usability as that of a DSLR. The in-built 9x magnification negates the need of digital zoom, which makes the image pixelated and hazy. The lens has a 12 degree angle of view to let you take wide angle shots. It also features a manual focus mode which lets you manually focus on the subject to get the best shot, as well as add certain optical effects like natural blurring without using software.

The Rollei Tele 9x iPhone Lens is made from optical glass housed in an aluminium case to provide professional quality optics within your pocket. The build-quality of the lens is superb which does not allow artefacts to form in the image. The lens can easily be attached to the iPhone and it comes with its own set of hard cases for both iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 to protect your phone as well as provide support to the lens. Included in the pack is a mini-tripod made of high grade aluminium to give excellent stability and manoeuvrability to your shots. It also has its own lens cap to protect the lens from dust and scratches. The lens weighs just 83 grams and has dimensions of 79mmx30mm. Added to the pack is a cloth bag for the lens and a cleaning cloth.

Technical Specifications of Rollei Tele 9x iPhone Lens

Technical Specifications
Magnification 9x
Focus Manual Focus
Focal Length 3m to infinity
Angle of View 12 Degrees
Weight 83gm
Dimensions 79mmx30mm
Compatibility iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S
Accessories 1x Hard Case for iPhone, 1x Mini tripod, Cleaning Cloth, Lens Cap

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