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Solo Bluetooth Digital Pen

Solo Bluetooth Digital Pen
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  • Digital Pen
  • Write when you want, Transfer when you like
  • High speed digital Bluetooth pen with easily available refill
  • Write like a normal pen, on paper
  • Receiver unit/clip on top of document captures upto 100 A4 documents in its internal memory
  • Connects with laptops by Bluetooth & USB cable
  • Also Connects with Android devices by Bluetooth
  • Write & capture all ideas, notes & email them instantly from your laptop or Android blackberry phones
  • Handwriting recognition software of world-class standard included
  • Compatible with 22 international languages including English
  • Also compatible with Mac through USB
  • System requirement: Windows XP/Vista/7 computer with 1 GHz Pentium processor or higher
  • Attractive Packaging
  • Pen batteries included upto 80 hours true writing time
  • Annotation on jpeg images possible
  • Adapting to technology just takes little over an hour
  • Easy calibration for position tracking of pen tip movement
  • SUPC: 1593677


  • Solo Digital pen can record up to 100 pages in its inbuilt memory
  • Comes in a very attractive pack which is perfect for gifting
  • Complete with a functional clip for attaching receiver to writing pad
  • Works as a standard pen with ink refills which is easily available in market
  • Two different modes possible: in ‘mobile mode’ can be used for writing on all writing surfaces; 
    in ‘online mode’ (connected via Bluetooth or USB) choice between mouse/graphics tablet function and pen function (handwritten notes)
  • Incl. software for handwriting recognition except for Indian languages and for transfer and editing of drawings
  • Incl. USB cable and batteries
  • System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7 computer with 1 GHz Pentium 3 processor or higher
  • Incl. USB cable and batteries
  • Compatible with all Microsoft and MAC applications


And you are ready to use it further....

“Make use of time, let not advantage slip” William Shakespeare.SOLO gives a perfect solution of this age through which you can express your thoughts, your emotions funny or intelligent in your own way in your own handwriting without wasting a second…

With Solo digital Pen time is at your leisure whether you are on your desk or mobile. This small, portable and simple to use digital pen enables capture all handwritten matter or annotations and convert it to a digital file which can be simultaneously uploaded to your Computer, Laptop, Android or Smartphone via Bluetooth or USB.

Here's a video to show how it works!

Disclaimer : The views and comments in the video are not endorsed by video link shared here is purely to illustrate the product's features and uses.




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Verified Buyer
Dec 03, 2012
Best fit for busy executives

I bought Solo Digital Pen after reviewing several other products. Before covering Solo review let me put forth my analysis and findings on other coparable products. 1. iBall TakeNotes: After my experience with iBall Senior mobile, I do not want to go with this brand. 2. Genius GNote: This is the product I wanted but refill availability in India is a question for me. 3. Staedtler: A good brand internationally. Lacks bluetooth. Also not sure of low cost refill availability. 4. Livescribe Echo: Even after shelling 13k rupees, you need to depend on this company for everything starting from paper, refills and notepads. And these are very expensive. And I do not want to end up myself paying money endlessly for consummables alone. Now comes Solo. I chatted with the company support and they are very responsive and scored my first impression. I asked mainly about the cost of the refill and its availability in the Indian market. The exec said it is easily available and around 10 rupees. Then I thought of buying it and went to a local dealer. The box is not sealed. I thought not to buy and then tried with other vendor and the shipment got delayed. Lastly I got this through this vendor and got it before the committed date. Unboxing: The product came in an alluminium box. Receiver is tiny as I assumed from the pictures. This is a big plus, you can attach to any notepad. Clip space is so small so if you are using a bigger pad, you cannot attach it as a whole, instead you need to attach that to the pages. Pen looks normal pen and doesnt had a slight premium feeling. I believe that lenght of the pen could have been reduced little bit to give that a premium feeling. Printing of Solo brand on pen cap was a bad taste all together. Now this comes with two DVDs, one contains MyScript Lite version with License. The USB cable comes in a retractable package and the mechanism doesnot work properly. Functioning: After installing the software and I connected the receiver using USB port to computer and attached to some white papers. Notemaker window popped up and I started scribbling on the paper which appeared on my computer screen. Pen uses ballpoint steel refill and of an inch and half length. Writing was smooth but ink quality is not so great and appealing. I hope you can change the refil. Later I removed the USB connection and attached the receiver to a notebook page. I started writing in several languages and even traced a photo. At the end clicked the turn on / off button and saw the counter increased. Detached the receiver, docked to USB port and able to download the work I did as it was. Functionally I found the use is enormous. I took some notes while reading my journals and drew some figures. Mouse functionality is good but not so great, may be I need to get used it. Drew something on MS OneNote and found its a bit easier than mouse. I have only one day experience with this pen but its an interesting thing to get used to it. Few recommendations for the manufacturer. + Switchover to metallic body of the pen and shorten the length. While shelling 10K rupees almost, your consumer deserve definitly of the Shaeffer grade pen if not Mont Blonc. But please do not give a Reynold. + Rubbarise the receiver unit. Chances are there that it will fall on ground while clipping. + Put sophisticated clip. Current one doesnot hold more pages and slips easily. + I did not try with other refills but definitely you may need to look into improvement on that angle as well. + We need some software for Symbian as well, still Stmbian market share is high and you cannot ignore that totally. Thank for going through my rather lenghty review. The product is a good one you can try but all I advise is negotiate for the price before you buy one.

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May 31, 2013
A Multi-Purpose File to Keep Your Docume

Loving this Display File from SOLO! It is actually A3 compatible ie you don't have to buy a separate file for your documents, just place them right away with your A4 documents. It is so simple to carry and has a professional look about it hence, a must for corporate or students who carry multiple documents with them.

Was this review helpful? YES 1
May 23, 2013
Digi Wonder!!!

Those who always struggle to find time, this technological miracle perfectly suit them. Whenever you require to note down those important notes, you immediately try to copy the same in your system but with this digital pen, you will write on a normal notepad but it will convert your notes into digital format. It's like you have got a scanned copy of your notes in your own hand writing. Loving this quality product from SOLO.

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Verified Buyer
Dec 21, 2013
Waste of moneyy

total waste of money i got a faulty pen

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Rajesh Shrivastava
Jul 26, 2013
Sync Your Hand Written Notes Seamlessly

If you are a bloke who loves taking down notes with a pen then you have perfectly timed your arrival on this page, why, well you often require to backup your notes on a PC, if you want to keep them for future reference. Solo's Bluetooth Digital Pen seamlessly integrates your notes with your PC in your own hand writing. Sounds cool!! It is certainly a quality product whose applications spans across industries and professions.

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