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Violet 5.0 Wireless Surround Sound System - Buy Online @ Rs.51999/- | Snapdeal
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For Item:
  • Violet 5.0 Wireless Surround Sound System
  • Violet 5.0 Wireless Surround Sound System
  • Violet 5.0 Wireless Surround Sound System
  • Violet 5.0 Wireless Surround Sound System
  • Violet 5.0 Wireless Surround Sound System
  • Violet 5.0 Wireless Surround Sound System
  • Violet 5.0 Wireless Surround Sound System
  • Violet 5.0 Wireless Surround Sound System
  • Violet 5.0 Wireless Surround Sound System
  • Violet 5.0 Wireless Surround Sound System
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Violet 5.0 Wireless Surround Sound System

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1 51999

Product Summary of Violet 5.0 Wireless Surround Sound System

  • Type:4.1 & 5.1 Speaker
  • Sound Output:200 W
  • Channel:5.1
  • Connectivity:AUX,USB
  • Features:3D,Bluetooth,Smartphone Control
  • SUPC: 1263948

Violet 5.0 Wireless Surround Sound System


World’s first phase accurate and power adaptive technology

Running wires to speakers can always prove to be a huge problem. To cut a long story short, a high quality wire is required to obtain great sound and for its two significant properties – it permits low interference during the transmission of signals and delivers signals at the same time to all speakers.

Violet3D, however, brings into the picture a huge advantage because it is completely a wireless system. You can plug a Violet3D speaker into a bulb socket just like you would a light bulb. Alternatively, you can plug a speaker into the nearest power outlet.

As far as interference is concerned, Violet’s transmitter tackles just this through its Unique Power Adaptive Technology. Unlike typical wireless systems which beam out sound signals for speakers to receive, Violet3D knows exactly where the speakers are placed and sends out sound signals using minimum power necessary to keep interference at bay.

Violet 3D distinguishes itself from most other home theater system and speakers because of its sense of timing. An exceptional set of speakers need to be finely tuned to each other for great timing, quality sound and incredible surround. Violet3D promises just this.

Most other wireless systems pay no attention to details and compromise on great surround. Violet3D on the other hand is obsessed with replicating to perfection a movie-like experience every time. It does this through a unique Phase Synchronization Algorithm, where a transmitter is consistent in sending pulses to the speakers. The pulses acting like drumbeats help synchronize the speakers perfectly and to the accuracy of 200 Pico seconds.


  • Proprietary 2.4GHz band

  • Synchronous 200ps synchronized clock

  • 13ms end-end latency

  • co-existent with WiFi

  • 45m range in line of sight


Place Anywhere For Great Sound

All home theater systems rigidly dictate details on where you should place your speakers, distance and height specifications are stressed on too. Essentially, all systems assume that you might just be placing your speakers in a symmetrical living room and that your home theater system acquires top priority at your home - paintings, lamps, furniture or even a family portrait notwithstanding.

When a sound engineer creates a DVD with 5.1 audio signals, he assumes that the five speakers will be placed as per specifications, explaining why most home theater speakers are not high on portability.

Violet3D, however, works like magic and lets you place your speakers wherever desired. To enable this, Violet3D uses a patent-pending Virtual Speaker technology. Violet3D dynamically also re-engineers sounds that enable the same to adapt to the position of your speakers. This only means that you can place any number of speakers anywhere you want to; compromises on the quality of sound generated will not be made.


Listen Everywhere

Like a movie-theater, sit and listen anywhere for great sound.


 Sounds heard at movie theaters are so exceptional because movie theaters are designed by trained acoustic engineers who before making crucial decisions first carefully measure the acoustics of the theater at known points on a geometric grid. The sounds heard through speakers are then optimized for the creation of uniform sound experiences.

Knowledge on the geometric grid is essential for ideal sound optimization. When it comes to your home, it is almost impossible to judge geometric grid specifications explaining why other sound systems optimize sound at one point or at an average of multiple points.

Violet3D overcomes the above mentioned disadvantage through its unique Space Sensing Microphone technology which allows acoustic measurements to be taken at three precise points in the room. Through this it accurately estimates sounds at points on a geometric grid in a room.

With the assistance of digital signal processing technology, similar to the technology used at movie theaters, Violet3D builds a virtual sound bubble. This bubble is made up of what can be best described as 'SoundSpace' – a spatial and euphoric area for sound. To pull this off, Violet3D visualizes a pattern of speakers that create a 'SoundSpace' and then makes adjustments in signal, volume and timing of existing speakers to adapt to the visualized pattern of speakers.


One Touch Installation

Installation – As easy as turning in a light bulb


Great sounds are created when a host of technical parameters are tuned to perfection. For example, the default values of a standard home theater system are set to standard studio specifications and not to the specifications of your home. You have no choice but to compromise with a dip in sound quality.

Violet, however, strikes a difference by allowing you to place your speakers wherever you want to by placing the sensing microphone in the center and then pressing the 'on' button. What you've really arrived at is easy installation and flawless sound quality. You can also rearrange the position of your speakers whenever you notice a need to do so.


3D SoundSpace

World’s first, path breaking new technology

The sounds you hear from a speaker should dwell on two distinct paradigms – fidelity and coherence. Unfortunately, most sounds systems focus on just fidelity.

Violet3D sets itself apart by focusing on both fidelity and coherence, where you can consistently rely on the quality of sound churned out.

Click here to View Video

Technical Specifications of Violet 5.0 Wireless Surround Sound System

Brand Violet
Max SPL 96 dB SPL at 1 meter
Sensitivity 87 dB SPL, 1 watt power at 1 meter
Amplifier 40W RMS
frequency Response 160Hz {-3 dB} to 22 kHz
Operational Voltage 180V to 250V 50/60 Hz AC {INDIA}
Surge Protection 1kV
Diffuser Pattern Omni directiona
Mounting Options Table top, wall mount, in-ceiling
Audio Inputs (back) 1 Analog, 2 Coaxial Digital, 1 Stereo
Audio Inputs (Front) 3.5mm
Power Input 5V DC
other Input Microphone (proprietary)
Decoder Dolby Digital
Wireless Subwoofer
System Sensitivity 80db (20 mv@1m)
System Frequency Range 30Hz to 220Hz @-9db
Inputs L+R RCA Line in
Outputs L+R RCA Line out
Lf Driver 1 * 6.25 NBR long throw
Passive Radiator 2 * 6.25 NBR long throw
Amplifier Type Class-D
Amplifier Power 200Watt(R.M.S)
Phase Control Yes
Power Indicator Yes, Blue LED
Crossover Frequency 50-200 Hz
Cabinet Size 210*210*210 mm
Color Black Graphite Vinyl Wrap

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Violet 5.0 Wireless Surround Sound System
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