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Horlicks Nutrition & Supplements


Buy Horlicks Products Online at Snapdeal

If you are looking forward for an overall health and nutrition package that would satisfy almost all the regular nutritional needs of your entire family, Horlicks is the one stop solution for you. Horlicks products are the best of its kind to meet all your needs. Choose from the wide range of products from this reputed dietary supplement brand available at Snapdeal to stay healthy.

Shop Online for Horlicks Nutrition Products and Supplements

To make sure that your kid finishes his glass of milk without giving you any trouble, add Horlicks to his milk which is proven to increase the power of milk. Understanding the importance of micronutrients for your child, it is scientifically prepared to help in the healthy growth your child. It increases bone area and muscles, provides better concentration, makes blood healthier and helps in healthy weight gain. While shopping at Snapdeal, apart from the normal one, you can take your pick from the flavour variations like chocolate, kesar badam and elaichi. If you are a mid-age working professional who goes through a lot of tension and work pressure, you can drink Horlicks Lite every day to improve the health of your blood cells and regulate blood pressure.

Right Nutrition for Your Little One

It is a proven fact that essential brain functions develop in the early years of a growing child. However, if your little one is fussy about what he or she eats, make sure your child gets the right nutrition in the growing years by opting for Junior Horlicks. It contains DHA and Choline that are important for brain development of a child. Protein, milk calcium and other nutrients are important for healthy weight and height gain. Additionally, it contains 6 immuno nutrients that are important to strengthen the immunity system of a child. You can take your pick from Junior Horlicks variants for children aged between one to three and four to six, or normal and chocolate flavour variants.

Snapdeal: Buy Horlicks for Women Online

After 30s, the bone health of women deteriorates and the risks of getting osteoporosis due to low bone mineral density increases rapidly. Taking Women Horlicks every day with a balanced diet can reduce the risk to a great extent. It contains calcium and vitamin D and K along with magnesium, proteins and other nutrients that provide complete bone nutrition. If you are a would-be or new mother, taking Mothers Horlicks will help you and your child a lot.

To make sure that you and your entire family live your life to the fullest, shop online for Horlicks nutrition products and supplement at Snapdeal.

Horlicks Nutrition & Supplements

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