Cash On Delivery (COD) is a payment method where you pay for an item in cash, when the courier company delivers the item to you.
How does COD work?
Is COD option available for all deals?
The COD option is only available for selective deals.
Why is COD option not available for my location?
For COD option, the product/deal voucher is couriered to your address. Our reach in terms of COD option is limited by the reach of courier companies. Once you enter your pin code while ordering we will tell you if COD is available at your location.

If your location is not supported by the COD service, please choose another payment option.
How long will it take for me to receive the voucher if I buy it through COD?
You will receive your product/deal voucher within 7 - 10 working days.
Is there any additional charge for the COD shipment?
Yes, since there is an additional cost involved in shipping the item through COD, we charge a flat Rs. 50 per order.
Can I offer cheque for the payment in place of cash?
No. COD payments have to be made in cash only.
What do I do if no one is going to be home when the courier company delivers the product/deal voucher?
Most courier companies will call you before coming over to deliver the item.
Some important points to ensure that your COD transaction goes smoothly