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How does exchange work
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Frequently asked questions
  • Q What is Snapdeal's Exchange offer?
  • This offer allows you to exchange your old device for a new one. The value of your old device is adjusted against your purchase.
  • Q Which electronics are covered under this offer?
  • At current, this offer covers exchange of used mobile phones.
  • Q How can I avail of the exchange offer?
  • Select the new item you wish to purchase. Enter your old device’s IMEI number there to calculate the value of your old device.
  • Q I want to exchange my old phone but I can’t see this option. Why?
  • This offer is currently eligible on select PIN codes.
  • Q How can I find the IMEI of my mobile phone?
  • Just dial *#06# on your phone to get this code.
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  • Q Can I exchange my old phone which is not switching on?
  • The device should get switched on to be eligible for exchange.
  • Q My phone’s screen is broken. Can it be exchanged?
  • The device’s screen should be intact and unbroken/not cracked to be eligible for exchange.
  • Q I have a Dual SIM mobile phone. Which IMEI number should I give?
  • We will accept either IMEI number.
  • Q How do I send my old device to Snapdeal?
  • Your old device will be picked up by the courier person when he delivers your new device.
  • Q How long do I have to save the data on my old device?
  • You have up time till the delivery of your new phone to save/transfer the data from your old phone.
  • Q Will any checks be done on my old phone at the time of pickup?
  • Yes. The courier person will conduct the following checks:

    a. The IMEI number is the same as mentioned for the exchanged device on the order.
    b. The phone is getting switched on.
    c. The screen is unbroken/not cracked and intact.