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SmartCane Device
Empowering visually impaired through independent and safe mobility
An electronic travel aid for the visually impaired
At Rs. 3,500
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    'Saksham' NGO
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    person with blindness
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About SmartCaneTM
A person with blindness can easily detect obstacles on ground, surface textures, pot holes etc. while travelling with a standard white cane. However, white cane cannot detect overhanging objects like tree branches, sign boards, open glass windows, etc. Also, at times using a white cane could result in scratching a parked vehicle with a cane, bumping into another person, etc.

A SmartCane solves the above challenges and empowers visually impaired through independent and safe mobility. Here's how a SmartCane works -
  • An electronic travel aid which fits on top fold of the white cane
  • Enhances white cane's capability by detecting objects from knee to head height in front of a person
  • Uses ultrasonic ranging to detect obstacles, and conveys distance information to the end users through distinct vibratory patterns
  • Helps users to avoid collisions with over-hanging and protruding objects, such as tree branches, signboards, underside of parked vehicles, open glass windows, thereby enabling them to navigate in different social settings with safety and confidence.
  • Informs about presence of objects before actually touching the object with the cane and thus helps in preventing unwanted contact
  • Co-created with the user community and validated by 300+ Visually impaired persons across the country
  • Currently, device being used by nearly 10,000 users in India
SmartCaneTM Features
  • Adjustable detection range: 3m (outdoor) and 1.8m (indoor)
  • Four intuitive vibratory patterns to convey obstacle distance information
  • Ergonomic grip for comfortable holding and cane tapping
  • Adjustable sensor mechanism for use by persons of different heights
  • In-built rechargeable battery
  • Can be easily attached/detached from a standard white cane
  • Sound indicators to convey battery level, charging status, sensor and vibrator failure
  • Conforms to international quality standard-CE, ISO 9001:2008
Standard White Cane White Cane with SmartCane Device
Detects on ground obstacles, surface textures, pot holes Detects on ground obstacles, surface textures, pot holes
CAN NOT detect overhanging objects - tree branches, sign boards, open windows, etc. Detects overhanging objects - tree branches, sign boards, open windows, etc.
Detects obstacle AFTER physical contact with obstacle Detects obstacle from some distance
Range for detecting obstacles - 1 m Range for detecting obstacles - 3 m
Use Cases of SmartCaneTM
  • Detecting and avoiding collisions with low-hanging tree branches, advertisement boards, sign boards, parked vehicles, under-side of standing trucks, luggage carriers, rickshaw backs, electric poles, pillars, bins, etc.
  • Protecting collision with street animals like cows, buffaloes, etc.
  • Finding path through corridors, half open gates
  • Detecting fast approaching objects like a reversing vehicle
  • Avoid making unwanted personal contact
  • Maintaining safe distance from those walking ahead
  • Staying away from the path of those coming from opposite direction
  • Following a queue during security checks or purchasing tickets at airports, metro and railway stations

  • "The SmartCane device is very beneficial. It protects me from a lot of upper body injuries which I earlier used to encounter on a daily basis while using the regular white cane".
    - A male working professional from New Delhi, India
  • "This device has made us smart just like its own name. My safety in travel has increased by a great deal."
    - A female working professional from Ahmedabad, India
  • "It feels great to be able to move around alone. I no more need to hold anyone's hand for my mobility. I can just be myself. Family and friends now have the confidence in me that I can travel independently without getting hurt or injured."
    - A female college student from Mumbai, India
  • "The device is really helping my son in becoming more mobile. He is able to move independently now."
    - A mother of a boy from Jamaica, Africa
  • "I use SmartCane all the time in University, cafe, shopping centre and on the street. It helps me a lot to avoid collisions with open windows, parked vehicles, tree branches and so on. Now I can easily find, whether anybody is in front of me or not while standing in a queue. This is helping me a lot in living independently."
    - A male college student from Thailand