< #STOPtheSPOT - Donate 100 sanitary pads at Rs. 140 to support underprivileged girls and women
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#STOPtheSPOT -Contribute 40 sanitary pads @ Rs.140 to support underprivileged girls and women in India
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Goal: 10,00,000 Pads
How This Works
  • You donate sanitary pads online
  • Logistics partner 'TCIEXPRESS' ensures free delivery to NGOs across India
  • NGOs conduct awareness sessions & distribute pads among underprivileged girls & women
Contribute sanitary pads for underprivileged girls & women
Price - Rs. 1.75 per pad (includes shipping)
Program's Impact
"It's a great step to break one of the greatest taboo among the society."

- Partner NGO Chal Chaley
"Stop the Spot is really a nice campaign that positively impacts the lives of many girls and women who can't afford sanitary pads during their periods."

- Partner NGO Indian Dreams Foundation
Partner NGOs

  • Project KHEL's Red Spot goes beyond providing information on Menstrual Hygiene Management, aiming to empower adolescent girls by helping them revalue menstruation as a natural biological phenomenon, thereby increasing their self-worth, which we believe will enable them to aspire towards informed decision-making. In our efforts to have a holistic impact, we also engage with women and young boys on this issue in as many communities as possible.
  • PraveenLata Sansthan is an Ngo based in Jaipur Working with its operations accross Rajasthan with a Mission to work for Holistic Development of Child Welfare,Women Empowerment and Rural Development focusing on Quality Education of Girls who have Dropped out due to various challanges like Discrimination, Married at Early age,Sexually assaulted or pushed into Labour work and has a Specilization in Capacity Building on Personal Safety and Menstruation Hygeine and has trained more than 19000 girls and supporting 1100 girls with Sanitary Pads accross Rajasthan and working on Overall Development through Skill Development.
  • IDF's journey began in 2004 with a group of dedicated and concerned individuals coming together and wanting to make a difference in the lives of those less privileged than themselves. It was established as an NGO in 2005 and since then has delivered an impressive track record of implementing long-lasting community intervention strategies.IDF passionately believes in the power of education to empower the disadvantaged, break down barriers and challenge social taboos.
  • Vasudha Vikas Sansthan: Vasudha Vikas Sansthan(VVS) is a Voluntary Organization established by enthusiastic rural youth in November 2000. VVS is committed to the cause of sustainable Rural Development by Implementing Several Rural Development Programs in over 100 Villages in Dhar, Jhabua, Alirajpur, Badwani, Khandwa and Khargone Districts of Madhya Pradesh & Jharkhand.
  • CHALCHALEY is an initiative to motivate and incite every individual to play their part in the society to make it better; we believe every unit counts for the development of the country. CHALCHALEY is a development organization focusing on the qualitative development of people by providing education to children, contributing towards enhancing skills of youth to their potential, to create awareness among socially deprived and negligent section of the society about their rights and how to avail them.
  • Goonj is an 18 years old award winning social enterprise working across India. Founded by Anshu Gupta in 1999, with a mission to highlight clothing as an ignored basic need of many. Under his leadership, Goonj is turning the menace of growing urban waste into a tool to trigger large scale rural development work. It's ?School to School ?initiative focuses on filling up the critical gaps in education by reaching the under-utilised school material (like stationery, bags, water bottles, lunch boxes, uniforms, and books) in far-flung village/slum schools. It?s not about making the child a recipient of donation and charity; it?s more about rewarding the child for what he/she does. More on www.goonj.org
  • Turnstone Global is a not for profit National level social enterprise working with relentless effort for overall improvement of human lives irrespective of age, gender, religious beliefs, cast, ethnic, origin, birth place or disability status. One of our main focus is educating children under the project [child labor to school] where Turnstone, teaches them basic education, life skill, develop the habit of reading and finally send them to mainstream school but they remain with us in our non-formal school for monitoring their development. So forth we have more then 2000 children in our role.
  • Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) was founded in 1993 with only 125 tribal students. It has grown in all dimensions to become the world?s largest residential institution for 25,308 students of tribal origin. It provides education, accommodation, food, health care, study material, clothing, vocational training, games and sports, computer education, state-of-the-art pedagogy and other facilities free of cost. KISS has been recognized by the United Nations and has been accorded Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council.
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TCIEXPRESS is a specialist and leader in Express distribution in India. Established in 1996, as one of the foremost divisions of its parent company Transport Corporation of India Limited (TCIL), TCIEXPRESS demerged with a vision to become a leader in door-to-door express logistics player in India that places customer satisfaction above all. TCIEXPRESS has been growing meticulously with its wide distribution network locally and globally with its current 550 owned centres covering more than 40,000 locations. TCIEXPRESS is well equipped to offer time-definite solutions to 670 out of 675 districts in India with its wide spectrum of services comprising surface, domestic and international air, e-commerce, priority and reverse express services. A separate division for CSR initiatives known as TCI Foundation, it believes in partnering with society at large with the aim of making life better for all. Driven by an urge to make a change, a few schools were built, a couple of financially supported dispensaries were started in the then considered remote areas of the country, initiatives were taken to mobilize women and facilitate them with skills which enabled them to contribute to the family income in areas where women were treated as lesser mortals condemned to live a life of oppression and denial.

Supported by

#STOPtheSPOT is being supported by Wonderize sanitary Napkins. #hereforher is a social campaign for the empowerment of women undertaken by Wonderize. The mission behind #hereforher is to promote female menstrual well being by educating and increasing awareness about the importance of maintaining proper personal hygiene. To facilitate easy access to menstrual hygiene products everywhere. Wonderize Sanitary Napkins visions for India where every single women is ensured menstrual health, happiness and dignity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Snapdeal earn profits from this initiative?

This is a not for profit initiative by Snapdeal. Snapdeal does not earn any profits from this initiative.

Why donate sanitary pads?

The current menstruating population of India is nearly 455 million and of those 88% do not use any sanitary products during their periods. This results in a drop of 31% in productivity levels of working women and almost one in every four adolescent girls in the country, quits school post reaching menarche. Further improper menstruation hygiene management leads to 70% increase in incidence of reproductive tract infections owing to poor menstrual hygiene. Contributions made by you can help underprivileged girls and women in India live a healthy as well as a dignified life.

What are the dimensions of these sanitary pads?

One pad is approximately 6 grams in weight, has a length of 230 mm and a width of 80 mm

How does this campaign run?

Users come online on Snapdeal and contribute amount for sanitary pads. Once contributions are received, an order is placed to Jayaashree Industries. The delivery is made by TCIEXPRESS to NGOs across India.

Do I need to pay additional shipping charges for the orders that I place?

No, shipping is done free of cost and the charges for the same are borne by our logistics partner TCIEXPRESS.

How many sanitary pads can I contribute?

There is no constraint. Please contribute as much as you want.

How will I get updated about the status of my contribution?

You will be able to check the status of your contribution under 'My Orders' section on the website. You will also get to know the details of shipping as well as confirmation of delivery of your contribution via email.

Who would receive the sanitary pads that I will contribute?

The sanitary pads contributed by you will be delivered to multiple NGOs across India as per their requirements.

When will NGOs receive sanitary pads contributed by me?

The pads are first consolidated at vendor's location and then dispatched to partner NGOs. Once you have made your donation, you could expect pads to be delivered within 2-3 weeks.

Can I claim tax exemption through these donations?

As per Government rules, product donations are not covered under tax exemptions.

Whom do I reach out to for any further queries?

You could reach out to Sankalp Chhabra at sankalp.chhabra@snapdeal.com or call him at 8095931444.

What is the source for statistics displayed on the page?

: "Around 23% of girls drop out after reaching puberty" and "only 12% of India's menstruating women use sanitary napkins" taken from International Research Journal of Social Sciences, "Scope and Opportunities for Menstrual Health and Hygiene Products in India" (11th June 2016).