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Funskool Toys & Games: Buy Funskool Toys for Kids Online | Snapdeal
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Funskool Toys for Kids

Funskool is one of the most loved brands of kid's toys. A joint venture of Indian tyre giant MRF and Hasbro Inc., Funskool India is the worldwide leader in both children's and family leisure time products. Started in 1987 and now the largest toy company in India, Funskool has a vision to help every child grow into a successful human being. Why their products are the most sought after in the market, is mainly because Funskool has the widest assortment of products and they uphold the highest standards of quality. Their products are intelligently developed keeping the children and their needs in mind. Funskool features the latest trendsetter brands for both boys and girls of different age groups and also for the family. Their range can be divided into two - domestic products and the international products. Their indoor games, infants and preschool products have taken child development and family entertainment to new avenues. Funskool products provide teachers and parents new ways of making the kids learn new things in new ways. Funskool offers a wide array of toys and games for the kids to choose from. From squeaky toys, rattles and teethers for infants to puzzle play sets, multi activity toys, assembly kits and pull along toys for pre-school children, Funskool has all the toys that one can think of. While their infant and kids toys become great companion for the little one while growing up, their board games are ideal for the whole family to spend some quality time together. Their products like Rubik's Cube and play dough assist in the development of the child's brain, problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Funskool has earned an extra edge in the market by obtaining licenses from several international players to manufacture, distribute and sell international quality branded products in India. The list includes Tomy, Noddy, Warner Bros., Dora, Ravenzburger, Walt Disney, Lego and lots more. Check out the brand store of Funskool on Snapdeal for the widest range of best quality toys.

Best Selling Funskool Toys & Games


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