Sennheiser HD 201 Over Ear Headphone (Silver)

  • - 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty
  • - Over-the-head Design
  • - Closed Headphone
  • - Circumaural
  • - 24 ohm Headphone Impedance
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Sennheiser HD 201 Over Ear Headphone (Silver)
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Item Details


  • 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty
  • Over-the-head Design
  • Closed Headphone
  • Circumaural
  • 24 ohm Headphone Impedance
  • 3.5 mm Headphone Jack
  • 21 Hz - 18000 Hz Headphone Frequency Response
  • Wired
  • Over-the-ear Headphone
  • 108 dB/mW Headphone Sensitivity at 1 kHz
  • SUPC: 1131391


In the box
Box Contents Headphones
Brand Sennheiser
Colour Silver
Product Type Over Ear
Model HD 201
Wireless No
Mic No
Jack Diameter 3.5 mm
Cord Length 300 cm
Detachable Cord No
Additional Features Powerful sound reproduction, Rich, Crisp bass response
Tangle Free Cord Yes
Technical Details
Driver Size 40 mm
Frequency Range 21 - 18000 hertz
Impedance 24 ohm
Sensitivity/Sound Pressure Level 108 db/mW
Weight 165 grams
Warranty Period 2 year
Region India
Period 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty


Are you looking for a high-end, powerful pair of headphones? Put an end to your quest! The all new Sennheiser HD 201 Headphones have surfaced as bliss for all the music lovers out there.

The Sennheiser HD 201 is a pair of dynamic, closed stereo headphones designed for budget-conscious music enthusiast in you. Featuring an ergonomic design, this pair of headphones offers an outstanding wearing comfort. The rugged, lightweight construction and high-grade leatherette ear shells add elegance to it whilst offering enhanced comfort to your ears for extended listening.


These headphones boast of a high degree, powerful sound reproduction with good attenuation of ambient noise resulting in greater clarity. The amazing, sealed ear cup design enriches your listening experience offering a spirited stereo sound with powerful bass response. The headphone also comes supplied with a 3.5 mm mini-jack and a 6.3 mm jack that allows you to use various audio devices with your versatile headphones.

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  • Samy
    Verified Buyer
     Most Helpful Positive Review (152)
    Mar 12, 2013
    Just Amazing! sound at this price

    We have no idea how they did it, but the Sennheiser HD201 has blown the lid off all price-to-performance barriers at the extreme bargain end of the sc  read more

    View 152 Positive Reviews
  • singhraj
    Verified Buyer
     Most Helpful Critical Review (51)
    Apr 17, 2016
    Do not buy

    Sound quality is good but joint is very weak it broke in very first week of purchase

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Displaying Reviews 1-10 of 203
Verified Buyer
Mar 12, 2013
Just Amazing! sound at this price

We have no idea how they did it, but the Sennheiser HD201 has blown the lid off all price-to-performance barriers at the extreme bargain end of the scale in the category of 'full-sized' sealed headphones. With a jaw-droppingly well-balanced, excellent sound at this nice price, you'll find the HD201 perfect for all sorts of great listening uses. Want smiles from the back of the minivan or quality sound for patients in the dental chair, students in multi-media classrooms, patrons in the museum or just for some superb music listening? Here's a fantastic all-around headphone. You have to understand just how terrible most 'cheap' sealed-earcup, full-size cans normally sound but (somehow) Sennheiser got it amazingly right with the sonics of the very inexpensive HD201 headphones. Sure, they're perhaps slightly uneven in spots, but that's really a quibble since they still sparkle and sing in an unusually clean way for a product at this very low pricepoint. The Sennheiser HD201 are excellent gift headphones because the recipient will always be amazed at how darn good they sound with any music style. They are also a strong choice for commercial applications like computer labs, audio tours, museums, office cubicles, scholastic A/V applications, multi-media installations, doctors offices & dental chairs: first, because they're inexpensive; second, because of their durability and, third, because your clients will appreciate the soothing, pleasant experience of very high-quality sound. The HD201 are also sized just about right for DVD-playin' kids hanging out in the back of the mini-van too!

Was this review helpful? YES 4
Verified Buyer
May 05, 2013
Value For money....

Its a value for money deal, as I got the product for 999. Good Sound quality, light weight. Some times i feel it could have a volume control with it....!

Was this review helpful? YES 5
Rainy Goodwill
Verified Buyer
Jan 30, 2014
Sennheiser HD 201 : Low Bass Warning

Sennheiser HD 201 : Low Bass Warning - A Layman's Review To start with I am not an audiophile, but definitely one with an 'ear for quality' ;) Build: Very good build quality if you ignore that its made of plastic. The headrest comes with a cushion. The headphones are AroudEars(AE) type, which is really an advantage and very comfortable to wear. Even though I use for continuously long hours I never encountered the warming issue, as reported in many reviews on the internet. Audio Performance : The headphones from the prestigious Sennheiser did not scored well for clarity. They create an acoustic space around your ears. Treble : Very bad rendering. You will hear cracking even at very high volumes. Some vocals does seem a little shrill. Bass : Not its forte. As claimed the bass is rich and crisp but you will have a *hard time* noticing it. ***These headphones are better for ipods than enjoying your movies So definitely not for bass-heads. -------- Build : 7 Treble: 1 Bass : 1 i sent an email to replace to snap deal 3 times to replace it with Sony MDR XB 400 Budd did not get any response from them.

Was this review helpful? YES 2
Verified Buyer
Aug 25, 2014
The Common Man's Headphone! ~ Perfect!

(*Please skip this if you just want to read the summary) First of all, i am not a music buff nor am i fond of heavy bass and stuff. But i love my movies, youtube and some other interesting online or offline things- some games maybe. So i needed a headphone that would fit my needs perfectly and "Sennheiser HD 201 over Ear Headphone" is no exception. I have used this for about a week and let me tell you i haven't had any, not even a single glitch in these headphones. I watch movies, do some youtubing and play some games and this headphones are a perfect companion every time. The 3.5 mm audio cable is really long so you dont have to worry about stretching yourself while watching a movie constantly without removing these.But this same feature might turn out to be troublesome for some of the users. If you are thinking of wearing this while jogging, walking, working out or simply to use with your portable music player, iPod or your phone, then its long cable will be uncomfortable. But my advice for the rest of us, go for it without a second thought. And the price is really affordable so it doesn't punch a hole in my wallet like it would if i had opted for Beats! Summary: Pros: -Affordable -Durable -Perfect for movies, music and games -Cushion is soft so your ears are comfortable -Long Cable -SENNHEISER! Cons: -Made of Plastic -Not made for heavy bass electric music -Uncomfortable to use with your iPod or Mobile Phone while walking or working out because of its long cable. Conclusion: Go For It!

Was this review helpful? YES 2
Verified Buyer
Jan 20, 2014
For the value product is ok.

no Mic and volume adjuster

Was this review helpful? YES 2
Kuldeepsinh Ramlavat
Verified Buyer
Aug 09, 2015
For Home use only

This headphone has low sound with mobiles. But laptop and television give loud sound. It has normal bass but very clear sound. You can hear every detail of music and words.

Was this review helpful? YES 1
Crictical reviewer
Verified Buyer
Apr 15, 2015
Perfect Audio Cans

FYI - I own GRADO SR125, Sony MDR ZX400(or something), philips SHL and Sennheiser HD201. These headphones are better than any headphone available at their price (or even headphones available at more prices).The Comaparison :-Sennheiser HD201 are better than Sony (Definitely due to sony's muddy bass and muffled sound quality), philips (due to less stereo and sound stage).But, with Grado there is still some room for improvement.Pros :-* Great sound dynamics.* Awesome voice clarity.* Great stereo channel separation (yuou can hear each instrument clearly).* Awesome sound stage (get ready to reveal a completely new side of music that you've never heard before).* Doubles the quality on listening through Headphone Amp.Cons:-* A little bit low on Bass Side(But, not too much low) .* Cable is too much long.Verdict :-Guys don't buy those cheap sony headphones or skullcandy or beats. if you really want to listen to actual music then go for sennhiser or else you're gonna keep on listening to the crapy, muffled sound.Believe me, after listening to sennheiser you will never ever go for sony, beats, skullcandy, philips or any other crapy headphones.P.S. I shouldn't be comparing them with grados (Due to price point) but, these bad boys sound sometimes even better than grados.

Was this review helpful? YES 1
Verified Buyer
Jun 12, 2013
it a good investment

or years now, i have been trying to find the perfect headphones for my ipod, earphones that will give a clear sound, sufficient amplification and comfortable for long journeys. My take on Sennheiser HD 201: - The sound quality is the best in its price range. Given the Indian market that Snapdeal predominantly delivers too, where the cost plays a significant role, these headsets try to make it a good compromise between sound quality and the cost. The cost, being just over 1000, makes it a good investment. 2 years warranty ensures that the headsets will last atleast that amount of time. Compared to the other cheap stuff in the Indian markets viz. Intex or Panasonic, Sennheiser is definitely more viable and credible. Some Sony headphones might be an equally good purchase, but the brand once again stands out in the "audiophiles" fraternity. However, this is not a headphone for an "audiophile". The bass is clear unlike a lot of other headphones, but for bass bossting HD 202s seem to be a better purchase. The durability of these headphones haven't been tested yet since it has been only 1 week since I have them. The comfort with these headphones, however is an issue. I cannot go for over 90 minutes without removing them and letting my ear cool down. Also, the cord length makes it very inconvenient for ipods. So to sum it up, to listen to music while working, programming etc, these headphones seem to be the best. They force you to take a break once in every 75-90 minutes and the sound quality and isolation from the outer world while listening to pleasant sounds is incredible. However if your focus is to hear music on the go, especially on bikes, you should look at other alternatives. Sony seems to be providing excellent earphones for those purposes.

Was this review helpful? YES 2
Verified Buyer
May 15, 2014
Awesome Product!!!

Awesome Product and great service. It took two days to reach me. After getting this Sennheiser HD 201 on such low price, I really feel excited.Sound quality is great in Laptop but it lacks bass when I connect it to my mobile since it doesn't get that much power(as I think). Mostly, I will be using this in Laptop.So, no worries. Buy it...u'l not repent..

Was this review helpful? YES 1
jason bourne
Verified Buyer
May 31, 2013

good headphones crisp and clear sound .... very good while using on with your pc or laptop but low volume while using with mp3

Was this review helpful? YES 1
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Verified Buyer
Apr 17, 2016
Do not buy

Sound quality is good but joint is very weak it broke in very first week of purchase

Was this review helpful? YES 0
Verified Buyer
Feb 21, 2016
Excellent Product

it's good...

Was this review helpful? YES 0
Verified Buyer
Jan 25, 2016
Sennheiser HD 201 Over Ear Headphone (Silver)

Sennheiser HD 201 Over Ear Headphone (Silver) Perfect and excellent product.

Was this review helpful? YES 0
Verified Buyer
Dec 02, 2015
headphone is good

It is a good headphone its sound quality is too good .................................................................

Was this review helpful? YES 0
Kuldeepsinh Ramlavat
Verified Buyer
Aug 09, 2015
For Home use only

This headphone has low sound with mobiles. But laptop and television give loud sound. It has normal bass but very clear sound. You can hear every detail of music and words.

Was this review helpful? YES 1
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  • Q: my headphone wire is damaged what should i do to get my headphone repaired?it is in warranty period...

    A: Please contact the brand with your warranty card or invoice of purchase to avail warranty.

    by Melina |

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  • Q: Is it with mic ?

    A: No mic But quality product

    by Ajit |

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  • Q: How is the bass and loudness?

    A: Bass is ok but the loudness cud be more

    by Dave |

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  • Q: is the 1/4" adapter included?

    A: Noooooo adapter is included

    by Bharath |

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  • Q: Is it preferable with sony M2 ?

    A: It works with almost all devices that have a 3.5 mm jack.

    by harpreet.singh02 |

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Sennheiser HD 201 Over Ear Headphone (Silver)
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