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The Successful Business Plan : Secrets & Strategies

In Easy Steps
  • The Successful Business Plan : Secrets & Strategies
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  • Language: English
  • Author:In Easy Steps
  • Publisher: Prentice Hall India
  • Publishing Date:2006
  • ISBN13: 9788120329430
  • ISBN10: 8120329430
  • Pages: 456
  • Edition : 4th Edition
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Category: Business
  • SUPC: 1610479
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The Successful Business Plan : Secrets & Strategies

Book Description:
Everything you need to know to write a fool-proof, perfectly formatted, knock-'em-dead business plan is here in this book. It's the best-selling business plan guide on the market, used in top business schools and by hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs.
Named by Inc. and Forbes magazines as one of the top ten essential books for small business, this fully revised and updated fourth edition of The Successful Business Plan: Secrets & Strategies is a complete, step-by-step guide to researching and writing a business plan to get your company funded!
It's been called "the entrepreneur's bible," having helped hundreds of thousands of successful business people get the funding they need to launch their businesses.

  • 99 worksheets to help you get started quickly, taking you through every critical section of a successful business plan
  • Sample business plan offering guidance on length, style, formatting and language
  • The Abrams Method of Flow-Through Financials, which makes easy work of number crunching-even if you're a numbers novice
  • Special chapters addressing issues of concern for service, manufacturing, retail, and Internet companies
  • Added help for teams and students preparing business plans for classes or competitions
  • Nearly 200 real-life insider secrets from top venture capitalists and successful CEOs-learn what truly impresses funders
  • New chapter on starting a business in a challenging economy


About the Author.
About the Contributors.
Foreword by Eugene Kleiner.
Foreword to the Fourth Edition.
How to Use This Book.

Section I: Starting the Process
1.The Successful Business.
2.Getting Your Plan Started.
3.Making Your Plan Compelling.
Section II: Business Plan Components
4.The Executive Summary.
5.Company Description.
6.Industry Analysis & Trends.
7.Target Market.
9.Strategic Position & Risk Assessment.
10.Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy.
12.Technology Plan.
13.Management & Organization.
14.Community Involvement & Social Responsibility.
15.Development, Milestones, & Exit Plan.
16.The Financials.
17.The Plan's Appendix.
Section III: Putting the Plan to Work
18.Preparing, Presenting, & Sending Out Your Plan.
19.Looking for Money.
20.Using Your Plan for Classes & Competitions.
21.Internal Planning for Existing Businesses & Corporations.
22.Time Saving Tips.
Section IV: Special Considerations
23.Considerations for Internet, "e-businesses".
24.Considerations for Retailers.
25.Considerations for Manufacturers.
26.Considerations for Service Businesses.
27.Business Planning in a Weak (or Strong) Economy.
Section V: Reference
Outline of a Business Plan.
Business Terms Glossary.
Funding Sources.
Research Sources.
Entrepreneurs' Sources.
Sample Plan
Cover Letter.
Executive Summary.
Company Description.
Industry Analysis and Trends.
Target Market.
The Competition.
Strategic Position & Risk Assessment.
Marketing Plan.
Technology Plan.
Management & Organization.
Community Involvement & Social Responsibility.
Development, Milestones & Exit Plan.
Income Statement, Three-Year Projection.
Income Statement, Annual.
Cash-Flow Projection.
Balance Sheet.
Sources & Uses of Funds.
Assumption Sheet.
About the Author:

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