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Tom Tom - VIA 125 - 5'' Touch Screen - Buy Online @
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Tom Tom - VIA 125 - 5'' Touch Screen

1 Year Brand Warranty
  • Tom Tom - VIA 125 - 5'' Touch  Screen
  • Tom Tom - VIA 125 - 5'' Touch  Screen
  • Tom Tom - VIA 125 - 5'' Touch  Screen
  • Tom Tom - VIA 125 - 5'' Touch  Screen
  • Tom Tom - VIA 125 - 5'' Touch  Screen
  • Tom Tom - VIA 125 - 5'' Touch  Screen
  • Tom Tom - VIA 125 - 5'' Touch  Screen
  • Tom Tom - VIA 125 - 5'' Touch  Screen
  • Tom Tom - VIA 125 - 5'' Touch  Screen
  • Tom Tom - VIA 125 - 5'' Touch  Screen
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  • Warranty : 1 Year Brand Warranty
  • Large 13cm (5.0 inch) High Quality Touch Screen
  • Hands-Free Calling
  • Advanced Lane Guidance
  • Spoken Street Names
  • Landmark Navigation
  • SUPC: 1313331
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Tom Tom - VIA 125 - 5'' Touch Screen

Explore your city without ever missing a lane or a turn with the TomTom VIA 125 vehicle-mounted GPS system. The GPS unit comes with a high-quality touchscreen as well as excellent voice capabilities and an extremely sensitive GPS system to show you where you are, and how you should navigate in real-time.

TomTom Via


The TomTom VIA 125 makes navigating through your city a breeze. Designed for convenience, the TomTom VIA has excellent voice capabilities, allowing you to use voice input for various tasks such as entering addresses. The advanced lane guidance allows you to navigate complicated junctions with ease. It also has voice output, giving you accurate street names as well as turning and lane information through the inbuilt speech system, so you are kept firmly on the driving seat!

Hands-free calling


The TomTom VIA features an in-built Bluetooth module which allows you to use the GPS unit as a car kit for your mobile phone. It lets you answer calls safely while driving, allowing you maximum control while staying in touch too!

Large 13cm (5 Inch) high quality touch screen


The TomTom VIA comes with a large 5 inch touch screen giving you the optimum view of maps as well as providing you with the utmost control to control your GPS device.

Landmark Navigation


It’s the simplest way to navigate with the Landmark Navigation feature of the TomTom VIA 125. The GPS unit features all monuments, chowks, parks and other landmarks as well as attractions to help you find your way by just using landmarks.

Advanced lane guidance

The TomTom VIA 125 features advanced lane navigation and guidance so you can easily navigate through complex junctions. It features an approachable landmark which states where you should turn for your destination even before you reach the junction so you can comfortably turn as required. Moreover, for difficult intersections, you can access the realistic 3D representation of the junction to navigate.

Integrated mounting




The mounting system is integrated on to the back of the TomTom VIA 125 so you can easily mount the GPS unit on top of the dashboard or on top the windscreen. It features a convenient foldaway mount so you can comfortably carry it if you want to disengage the GPS from your car.

Speeding alert

The TomTom VIA 125 features an advanced tracking system which tracks the speed of your car and alerts you if you are speeding for a very safe journey. The Speeding alerts is always active, even if you are not using navigation mode.

Indian languages


The TomTom VIA 125 features voice guidance in a familiar Indian-accented English as well as 10 regional languages including Hindi, Bangla, Kannada etc.

Voice command and control


The TomTom VIA 125 allows you full voice control, with vocal commands for route-planning and navigation – giving you unprecedented hands-free control so you can concentrate on the road and leave out the navigating to TomTom VIA 125.

Frequent destinations

The TomTom VIA 125 allows you to set your own destinations which you frequently visit with custom text and icons to make your navigating experience truly your own.

2D City Maps


The GPS unit feature complete 2D maps of 10 cities across India; including detailed building footprints, town blocks, sidewalks and water systems with detailed railway infrastructure details. Moreover the GPS unit is loaded with detailed POIs (Points of Interest) of over 5000 Indian cities and towns to give you complete coverage for better, smarter navigation.

Address Points


The cities of Delhi NCR and Chandigarh feature address points that help you to accurately locate millions of addresses across these cities. TomTom Address points help you in finding address comfortable and reliable.

Technical Specifications of Tom Tom - VIA 125 - 5'' Touch Screen

Battery Life Up to 2 hours autonomous operation
Bluetooth for hands-free calling Yes
Internal memory 4GB internal flash memory
Screen size 5.0 inches (13 cm)
Screen type 16:9 resistive widescreen
Screen resolution 480 x 272 pixels
Size (WxHxD) 134mm x 93mm x 19mm
Weight 213 grams

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Tom Tom - VIA 125 - 5'' Touch  Screen
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